Hey everyone, i have been thinking about this for a few years and have been wanting to put together an event in Brockville Ontario Canada, the 1000 islands area. I am thinking of having it at st Lawrence park, a local beach/camp ground with camp site for rent. this event would be held mid summer so around july to august. I welcome comments and suggestions on when you would like it to be held. This would be a weekend event. the riding style is either flat water or ship/boat wakes. most likely will have organized "V" wakes from cruisers. there will be a fee just to cover the rental of the beach but will depend on number of people, camp sites would be available but will depend on you to pay cost.

The main reason for this post is to see how many people would be interested in coming.

Any and all comments are welcome!

Thanks guys, Brad
If its on a long weekend that only gives us july 1st, canada day or august 3rd weekends. canada day would be cool cuz this is a canada event but august 3rd weekend is a busier on the water
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