This will be the second time he has bought something on this forum and did a PayPal charge back. Do not do business with him, completely unreliable. After offering $500 as a refund on a two and a half year old used hull , he filed a $4250 charge back on PayPal putting the funds in a hold two weeks after he received hull.


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Bunny Hop Man aka Mike Delpalma is Not a honest person and likes to make a lot of threats about what he is going to do! As soon as I get may funds back I will be happy to show everyone in the community just what kind of person he is. I would like to know what the first item I bought and did return on? Trust me forum members this will all be clear to everyone just what kind of person Mike is once I get this settled with paypal and he Gets his "in great shape hull back" Here's some pics of issues when I received hull.

IMG_3653.JPG IMG_3654.JPG View attachment 330927 IMG_3656.JPG IMG_3677.JPG IMG_3678.JPG IMG_3679.JPG IMG_3690.JPG IMG_3698.JPG
Like i said if you really didn't want it, I suggested to post it for sale and buy a new one, u did a chargeback that with held money and now is a process, I reposted it and sold it within 10 hours
You bought a used v2 for 3400 and did a chargeback, just grab a new one from Tony and ride like the rest of us are

I didn't buy a used great shape hull for 3400!! I payed you $4250. Shipping was supposedly $300. That's $3950. That's not point of this whole charge back! You listed as great shape, never mentioned not one spider crack! As you can see in pics ski is cracked everywhere. If you sell someone something that its not, you give there money back, and you resell yourself if its so easy. I tried to work this out with you before starting case, you made the decision not work with me by threats and lies! I even payed to ship back to you and shipping was only $140 dollars. You just don't get it! Again I am going to tell my side of the story and show everyone on here just what was really said and how you handled it!!!!
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