Buyer beware ADAMTT or FINNLOGAN

Buyer beware of adamtt on xh2o / finnlogan on pwctoday. I see he is at it again with a Pro-tec pipe today.

He got me over on his member name over there is finnlogan. I posted a want add for a speedwerx manifold, naturally I bit on his offer and paid him in paypal. I’ve done it a hundred times on the jetski forums going all the way back to &

Money went to Jake Pearson126 in the UK (He claimed it was his wife) WTF! Then he had the audacity to ask me to pay in a different paypal lawaluthman@gmail account because he couldn’t get the money from his wife and wouldnt ship the manifold until "he" got the money. Glad I wasn't as stupid the second time.

Paypal confirmed they are working accounts. I tired to cancel with paypal but they wouldn’t accept a cancellation on my end since money was gone. He claimed he couldn’t figure it out. He even texted that its such a mess he’ll just ship the manifold. I have tons of pages of texts back and forth. I turned it all into paypal. Note in this case I made the grave mistake of doing friends because he asked and I should of known. Note: In future pay more if the person requests friends and you don’t know them or tell them no.

If anyone knows of this dude please let me know. His number is 662-27x-xxxx tracks to Mississippi. He will contact you through message with that number.
Add adrianjames112 to the list. Same guy.

@MTRHEAD did you gift the money?

I have a wanted posting over there too and had a response from these guys, Jamesda, Fredrick, and one that just goes by ski for his name. The Fredrick guy sent me his "relative's" email address - Fredrick Gary - All three had a nearly identical response pm/email, the first two said they needed payment in gift card form I said absolutely not. I said paypal only, I will cover the pp fee and shipping. Both the first two said they've had issues with paypal and can only use their "insert family member's" account, and can only accept the family/friends payment method even after I told them I will be taking care of the pp fee, and the "ski" guy stopped messaging when I wouldn't budge from using the paypal purchasing only option. So watch out for those three names too.

Jamesda <--- possibly adrianjames112?
Fredrick Gary (
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