BEWARE Kevin Keisling. Yamaha superjet

talked with Kevin for a couple weeks about his 2012 superjet, we finally agreed on a location to meet, we were both driving about 3hrs roughly to meet so he asked that I give him a deposit before he drives all that way, understandable, so he wanted 300$, I thought 200$ but whatever. 2 days before I had to cancel because of work, that was the only weekend I had open, couldn’t meet again for several weeks, so I told him if he comes across someone that wants it in the meantime, sell it, I’m not going to hold you up that long no big deal, just refund my deposit, and if you still have it I will gladly send it back to you no problem. And this is when he goes silent. So many messages and 3 days later I finally get oh that was a non refundable deposit, that was never mentioned, and that it’s nothing personal just business And he had to get the title notarized for me, which in MA all you need is a previous reg. But he insisted on this, ok whatever makes you happy. So I even told him to keep a 100$ for any troubles and give me back 200. He went back to radio silence again and won’t respond to anything. And of course I did the friends and family through PayPa, to save him the fees and this is what I get. Great guy. And I was still interested in it!!! Kind of lost all trust for him when you pull this crap.
His name is Kevin Keisling, out of Camp Hill, PA


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