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Ive been meaning to share these with you all, amazing water shoes. Astral is a local Asheville company that makes shoes for outdoor activities and kayaking. I found the "Hiyak" boot one day and haven't looked back. These shoes are so comfy and very grippy. They even have drains! Check them out if you want a great lightweight pair of water shoes.

No I'm sure different applications you might want other shoes but for general rec riding these are so light and drain so quickly. Plus the micro sipes grip everything when they are wet. I just think they are high quality shoes and they have held up perfectly after a year and a half of riding and occasional daily use! I put these on before I leave the house and keep them on after I leave the lake, not sure if you would want to do that with wrestling shoes. They do have thin soles and you can feel everything you walk on which I like. The insoles are also a foam material so you can pull them out and they dry so fast.
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How is the sizing? Should i buy a size 12 if i need a size 12 or should i buy a size down or up? They look really nice going to buy a pair

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I wear a size 12, they fit perfect! I wish you were local, if you go to their warehouse you can get a solid discount... Its about 25 miles from me.
I have been using astral lowtop shoes. They are nice but fill up with sand, pebbles, and small shells driving me nuts. Just ordered a pair of wrestling shoes.
i had some asics wrestling shoes which were decent. recently went to adjustable footholds on my sj. the sole on the wrestling shoe was not tall enough to fit snuggly in the foothold. i tried out some vans hightops and love them so far. my feet fit snuggly in the holds after kicking in. definitely the most comfortable holds ive kicked into

Myself and a two other members have been using the Hiyak shoe for over 2 years now.

I agree with the observations that brraaapperdoodle made in terms of performance. Very grippy, light, comfy, clear sand nicely (maybe not pebbles..).

In terms of fitment, I wish I ordered one size down (I like them to fit tight), but I am still very happy with the size that matches my "normal" sizing.

The only "issue" I have with them is that the Velcro strap does not always stay where you put it... I have been meaning to fix it with better Velcro or a button... but it is pretty low on the inconvenience scale so I have just kept running them as is.

Overall, I think they are a great choice and I remain happy with my purchase and would likely buy again IF they fail in the future.


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I've said it before and I'll say it again, wrestling shoes are highly over rated for riding. I've tried many different shoes for riding, anything from water shoes to sneakers, wrestling shoes and specialty shoes actually made for riding jet skis. Wrestling shoes come in dead last. Guess which ones worked best for actually riding jet skis??? Yes, the ones where that was the shoe's intended purpose, not for rolling around on the floor with other men.
I just bought these shoes and used them a few times already. I think they are awesome super grippy and very comfortable. I have big feet they are wide so i have a problem finding comfortable shoes most of the time like i cant wear Converse and nowadays most shoes are that kind of style but anyways these shoes worked perfectly for jet ski'ng. I have not tried them on a sandy beach yet but on mucky and rocky beaches i can just walk right over everything no problem all day long very suprising for how thin and flexible the are made. They are a very good quality shoe and would definitely buy them again if i ever need another pair.

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They are surprisingly good quality. The girl at the warehouse said they warranty shoes at their discretion, but that’s not a common problem. I bought myself 2 pair because I’ve seen too many awesome companies like this sell out, change ownership like adidas or some garbage and then the sizing and quality takes a plunge due to the manufacturing change... these are great shoes though haha glad they are getting good reviews
When my Van's fail I'll look into those shoes they look pretty nice. More than I'd like to spend on jetski shoes but worth it if they'll last a few years cause I ride almost year around


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Asics Aggressors (any version) are the best shoes I have used. The grip on them is amazing and they last. I buy them a 1/2 a size to a full size larger than my actual shoe size since then can shrink a little when getting wet and dry plus it allows room for a wetsock if needed.

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For Canadian riders on a budget, MEC has some nice neoprene booties. They are pretty basic but great for someone looking for a more minimal shoe. The top part of the shoe is flat so they're quite comfortable in holds as well.

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For Canadian riders on a budget, MEC has some nice neoprene booties. They are pretty basic but great for someone looking for a more minimal shoe. The top part of the shoe is flat so they're quite comfortable in holds as well.

I’ll have to try those ASICS. Basic Nike wrestling shoes lasted 2 seasons, grip kinda sucked anyway.
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