Anyone into E bikes ?

balsam lake glass cutter

previously "750sxi"
prior lake mn
I got a e bike to use basically as a moped. They are better than a moped because they can use the bike paths and kids can legally use on roads. Mopeds you had to be 15 years old and stay on roadways. The main reason I got mine was for the kids to use to run across town to a soccer practice or what ever. had it for 3 years no issues good purchase.
Bought my wife a rad power step thru for her birthday. She has ridden it once up and down the driveway. I ise it to run to pharmacy and gas station. It has a hard case on it like a motorcycle, will hold two to go boxes, has panniers for groceries and a cupholder in the basket for holding my beer while I run errands. I love it even if she doesnt. Only complaint is its so heavy. Almost 70 lbs.
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