Any semi local racing oportunities i can look in to?

I would really like to try racing but i cant find much. Id be able to do bone stock class or unrestricted. I have a bone stock 94 SN and a pretty much maxed out freeride SN with footholds and the goodies.

Im willing to make a long weekend out of it and travel but there doesnt seem to be much going on here in the midwest.
All i know is i think they do one in michigan sometimes, but i didnt remmeber the name and generic google searches never amounted to much. Thanks though, ill look in to that.
There is a Midwest America series, they have several races in Texas I believe.

If im going from cleveland ohio to texas id rather hit daytona. Hell, if lake erie were more friendly Id foam up some water jugs, but between the weather and law its not easy to do bouy slaloms or anything close here.


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For a Low key, High Fun! experience, Consider Brave the Wave, in Lake Orion Mi. Its a one day event, first weekend in Aug.
featuring both Freestyle, and Duel head to head slalmon racing. Ryan Kulka heads it up. Super Fun!

Going the other direction in the North East is
They have several events in upstate NY

In the Southeast is This is a New startup group that is considered wildcat racing, as they are independent and not affiliated with IJSBA.
But dont let that stop you. It promises to have some of the best racing and strongest lines. Check it out!

Ski Ya, Paul
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