Another Freak circus back life


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Yes, as it says, bringing back chris anyzeskis old circus back to some decent shape.

Blught it as "race ready ski", weeell it was not.

For now i took it apart, looked over the motor xs1000, needed some new sleeves and got new bottom end while it is apart already.

Pressure tested the coolinglines those were good tho, thats a plus haha.

Updates will come here and there, sorry for bad english im just a swede from the woods


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Welcome to the party! lol I would highly advise opening up the tray and looking at the cooling lines even though they pressure tested fine. Mine were on the edge but didn't leak, if that ski has seen salt water then they are likely corroded.


Washed up hillbilly
Anyone knows the CC pattern for the pump bolts? This circus has 2 but now when the turf and padding is gone im putting in 2 for the front mount.
On my circus I was able to replace the cooling lines without cutting the tray. The ends were very corroded where they passed through the hull. Drilled them out until there was no aluminum line left as it passed through the hull, fished the piece out that was in the hull. Then I bent a couple pieces of stainless the same. Took a bit of bending and blindly fishing them back through but I made it. I used JB Weld to hold them back in. I was not able to do that on my Badass. I would have had to cut a lot of that tray out to change the lines.
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