Adjustments needed for premix?


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I got my 750 started the other day and want to make sure I don't blow it up when I take the ski out for the first time. The motor is stock except for a pjs 650 pipe, purple doo waterbox, and rear exhaust.

Is there anything special required for running premix through the cdk2 carbs?

Do I need to run a restrictor in the return line?

What premix ratio should I use during break in and then during normal run?


If its a single carb model I would raise the pilot jet up to an 80 and the main up to a 150. Then power tune the top screw.

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Bump, planning to take the ski out this weekend.

Anything in particular to look for during break in?


Not a jetting guru but once you get that right, just run your mix at 32:1 for the first tank. Don’t go over 1/2 throttle and don’t hold your throttle at one speed for a long time. Just very your speed. Second tank, 50:1 or 40:1 (whatever you prefer), same thing but 1/2-3/4 throttle. Third tank, ride as normal. This is how I brake-in a motor. Everyone has their own method.
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