Other 96 Polaris 600 XCR triple help


...chaos? Its Fair!
I got a buddy who wants me to work on his sled. I have no knowledge of sleds but i am mechanically inclined and figured a top end rebuild and carb rebuild would be very similar to a jet ski engine. He said that he did some dumb stuff and licoriceed the top end up. I havent touched it yet nor have i seen it, just going on his word of condition. Along with a top end rebuild i mentioned he should rebuild the carbs on it while everything else would be apart. . i cant find a carb rebuild kit anywhere for one. i found a top end gasket kit, rings and pistons but not carb rebuild kits.


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I almost scored a running one for 600 two winters ago. Then we got a big snowstorm and the guy decide to keep it.

Hell for $600 id be happy if it ran for three rides.


...chaos? Its Fair!
Hahaha. Ya and no pics sorry man. I wont have it until like the second week in may but im just trying to get prices for all of the scenarios so he knows what the cost will be.
Can't really say until I see what motor it has. The XCR SP had 680 ultra motor variant. Might be worth rebuilding. The XCR had the monoblock xlt motor. That when it comes to rebuilding I would throw in the towel.
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