93 750sx

Hello everyone, I recently got a 93 750sx iv never owned a stand up jet ski before. when I got it the single carb was missing and the manifold was still there but the previous owner had dual keihin carbs with the manifold. I went through the carbs and they are in great shape so I put them on the ski. I replaced all of the fuel lines and the primer. When i try to start it, I can get it to fire up after priming it but it just won’t stay running. I have the high speed jets set to about 1 1/4 and the low speeds I was messing with and have it at about 1 turn out. Not really sure what has been done to the ski, everything seems to be stock. I’m not really sure where to go from here? Do I keep turning the low speed screw out then just keep upsizing the jets ? I have spark and compression. It would be nice to get it running this season to see if I even enjoy riding it. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you
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