Ski 88 Kawasaki 650SX for sale

I’m selling my 88 Kawasaki 650 SX. Proven to be a good running ski over the years. Was winterized and stored in a climate controlled garage for the last few years. Starts right up. Finish is nice but has the usual scuffs and scrapes and nicks for a ski this age. For an ‘88 I feel it’s in really decent shape. Upgraded handle bars, Trigger throttle, and odi grips. Turf in bottom of tray. Could use some turf work on the center console of the tray. The oil tank has been capped off and uses mixed gas. This motor had work done to it by the previous owner, but I cannot remember if it was a complete rebuild or just top end work. It was well done work because it has proven to be very reliable, and has decent power. The only reason I’m selling it is because I’m getting out of jet skiing. Reading Pennsylvania. Pick up only. Will not ship.
Asking $1,700.00


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