750sx Factory Pipe Water Line Diagram?

I am currently in the phases of putting my 750sx back together, bought a new engine and a pipe, now what is the proper way of setting up the water lines so I don't run into issues down the line?
Thank you, but there are two lines that come from the back of the hull that are water lines I assume. The silver one pictured and right underneath is a black one. Is the black one made for duel cooling from the previous owner?

The Silver is the stock in line from the pump. Can you get a better pic of the black line? Is the pump tapped for dual cooling? Look in the pump area and see if there is any additional tubing added for the additional line. It's easy to set up either way. Just let us know.


Is what I have circled what you are talking about? if so only the one labeled B is for cooling into the engine, should be connected to the FP Manifold on the bottom.


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I know A is for the thermostat or something along those lines, but under B there is a black aftermarket tube that runs back to the pump. Previous owner had duel cooling.
Can I just run a line from the head to the top of the pipe, a water line from the pump to the exhaust manifold, and then from the bottom of the pipe to the T where one side goes to the stinger and the other to the pisser? Would that run to hot?


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Ok here's my setup. Dual cooling using the bilge siphon as the secondary, both routed to individual fittings on the exh manifold. Head is also dual tapped with one going to bypass and the other going to the low fitting on the head pipe, upper fitting on head pipe routes to a T with one line going to bypass and the other to the stinger pipe. Never had temp issues even in warm FL water

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