61x swapped square nose with dry pipe build. First post.

First time putting an AM exhaust on a ski. Can I cut down the coupler between the manifold and pipe? Seems like it's an inch too long. The miss alignment correlates with the coupler because there is maybe an inch between the pipe and manifold in the coupler. If I can trim it up cleanly the holes should line up for the lords.
The pipe should slide into the manifold. It should have large o-rings to seal. The coupler just holds it in place. "IF" there is any gap, you will just blow the coupler.
I know its a pain but if i was you i would pull the pipe and manifold back out and dry fit together to figure out what the issue it. Dry fit without the coupler to eliminate the issue and see what it going on. THis is what i did with my dry pipe.
I would pull the whole motor out, dry fit pipe and manifold with no coupler, make sure it lines up with no gap and no stress on the mounts, then cut a piece of marine wet exhaust hose to the appropriate length for the coupler. Chamfer one edge of it to make installation easier, degrease with acetone and use Windex for lubrication when you do final installation.
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