2022 Southern Fried Freeride

Big Kahuna

Tuscaloosa, AL
When: Sept 23 - Sep 25th.
Where: Same Location since 2014!.

What? Riding skis'

Why? If you have to ask, well look at previous post about this ride!

Food: bring your own. Except for Saturday Night. CATFISH HUSHPUPPIES AND FRIES supplied by the X. Brings other food and desserts!

If anyone books P11 I will ban you!
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Why post this now? Are you wishing the summer to be over? Jeesh!
im so backed up yet, I have not splashed my boat since Daytona……..

Looking forward to this ride again. last year was the first time. Hopefully I won't leave a rc plane in a tree this year haha. My flying skills have improved a bit since then haha. That catfish was excellent

Big Kahuna

Tuscaloosa, AL
Sorry for the dumb question but where does this take place ?
Top of the SFF Forum is a sticky "General Info". I just created another one with more info pulled from other ride post.
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