2021 Wave Rave

West MI
Launch is a river that feeds into Lake Michigan about 3 miles north of the campground beach. 3 miles? Well, “ish”, but the map can tell you. Benona Township park is the place at the mouth of the river. From year to year that river mouth changes. One year it was extremely shallow for like 10-20 ft.

Parking at that beach/launch is quite limited, so it is perhaps wisest to not leave a vehicle at the launch.

Hope that helps.
Just booked. First timer. What sort of launch access are looking at?
Not beach cartable. Leave em at home. Its nice to have someone drive your vehicle with your trailer back because that launch has very minimal parking. Everyone there is very understanding and will ride a ski back for you if need be.
Anyone bringing a ski to this they might consider selling? Might come to shop
There usually are a few skis that are for sale on the beach in years past. I know of a 2016 tigercraft SV-1 with a 735, 44s, 155mm oem pump that is for sale very close by in west michigan if that interests you.
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