2017 Fall Ride parts swap...

I don't know about you guys, but I have a metric ski load of parts I need to get rid of. Let me know if you want anything and I can bring it to the ride...

650 Cases
750 Cases-big pin and small pin
X2 Pontoons full set
X2Guy Dash Trim
Superjet Ocean Pro Ride Plate
Stock X2/650 waterboxes
X2 Ocean pro finned ride plate
Ported 650 Cylinder
Rad Dudes battery box
Couple 750 Cylinders that need bore I believe
X2/650 Pump housings
650 Lightened flyhweel
650 stator
A couple 650/750 cranks in varying condition
Cold Fusion Lightweight yamaha couplers, with two dampers (brand new)

Have a ton more stuff too...ask I might have it...
I have two RN hoods as well lol. one with blowsion handholds in 5/10 condition, and the other stock in decent shape lol. And a nosepiece

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Looking likely that I'll be there. If so, I'm bringing down a few things.

2 SN Nose pieces
4 sets of feetyholds
2 Carboglass ride plates



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