2012 Waterdawg Rok

2012 Waterdawg Rok-R Freeride/Freestyle - Asking $8000 OBO

Located in Wenatchee WA

Rockered Fiberglass hull

Custom red/white with pearl flake - beautiful looking ski

Extermely clean

Perfectly tuned - this thing its hard for it size and is very playful and maneuverable

Great all around ski

701 - 62 T total loss with lightened flywheel

B-Pipe exhaust - perfectly tuned

ADA head set up for pump gas

Thrust Innoviations trim - easy and smooth

RRP handpole and steeering

Powdercoated engine and exhaust

I have not had another ski that is tuned better than this one

Turf is in good shape - only spot rubbed out a little is the very top of the foot holds - owner previously to me used to weat water shoes that rubbed it down

Shaved fuel fill spot

Aluminum fuel tank

Only drawback to the ski is the front nose bumper fell off a couple years ago - 1st owner siliconed it and the silicone never set so it let go. I have a carbon fiber replacement but have never installed because I love the paint job and didn't want to touch it. Will come with the ski, so new owner can decide to install or not - does not affect any performance of the ski but is a visual add on

This ski will not disappoint, excellent 701 package

Willing to negotiate about possible delivery/meeting half way

Thanks for looking, Please reach out for any questions


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I don't know the models too well, this is the all round or middle of the road ski. Not full freestyle but not a bouy racer either. Its the rec hull intended to be able to do most things

What is the difference?
Ok I believe this would be the ROK hull then

When I ordered a ride plate, Jeff indicated that some have a squared back end or a tapered, this is the tapered version which I believe helps it to be easier to throw around


Alta Loma, CA
I rode one of these many years ago. It rode like a SXR that was the size of a 550. It was great fun. One the most underrated hulls out there in my opinion.
The ROC has a lot of grip for turns and is easy to sub, if anyone does that anymore. The only thing it really needs is a handle mounted on that flat nose.
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