SOLD 2007 EME Signature series


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I put this together just to get some tray time on it, check it out in person and see how it rode. I am over driving an hour to the lake and need the garage space back.

2007 EME Signature series hull. I think it is hybrid carbon/glass. Weighed right at 100 pounds, hull, hood, intake grate, rideplate, motor mounts and some misc small parts.
Everything was fully disassembled, inspected, and replaced as needed.
Stock 62T 701, disassembled, cleaned, inspected and re-assembled with new gaskets, seals and carb kits. ADA throttle wheel, RRP coupler, exhaust outlet insert (basic SJ lites setup)
Super clean SXR pump with brand new NuJet impeller, scoop grate, new bulkhead bearings and seals, SXR driveshaft with custom 550 drive coupler.
Hull inserts are re-drilled to accept SJ motor mounts and SJ engine, also able to set up with supplied Kawasaki mounts and carbon engine plate to install a Polaris engine back in it OR a Kawasaki engine.
Xmetal waterbox, brand new Xmetal comp pole with spring, brand new Wax Fuel fill, blowsion steering and bars, rare vintage SE throttle lever, bilge pump, ratchet hood strap, plus all the usual billet stuff.
Hull appears to have never been in salt water and I only take it to the lake to ride.

This hull rides very similar to a 2008+ SJ or a light SXR (probably more like a light SXR). It rides very well at speed, corners good and is crazy stable. In my opinion it really could use a B pipe or aftermarket exhaust of some sort to liven it up but it is a great rec ski and nice for riding fast and chasing boats. It is titled as an EME.
I have buffed and polished the hull and aside from slightly faded graphics and a few dings/nicks it looks very good, better than a 15 year old ski should.


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the original owner and myself only ever had it on a lake, so it's never been in salt if nube hasn't had it in there. If i had the space I'd buy it back. thing rode pretty titties with the polaris in there.
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