1997 Wave Venture 760 Part Out

Hey y'all, I was asked to help a fella out with parting out his Wave Venture, the ski was running rather well all things considering, it ended up having bad crank bearings and he doesn't want to go forward with it so he's parting it out. He doesn't have the time to do the engine stuff due to his company hits peak workload during the summer so he gave me the parts and prices to ask. All prices are USD and shipped to anywhere in Chinada...I mean Canada, or the lower 48. The price you see is the price you pay, no shipping or paypal additions, that's all included....and shipping anything from Chinada...ehem...Canada...even within is insanely expensive now.

OEM 155mm complete pump - wear ring and stator section in good shape, no chips out of any vanes, comes with trim but one pivot point for sure is worn out and needs repairing $200

OEM 1997 Wave Venture 760 mid shaft - No longer for sale, found damage to the rubber damper portion, going to the scrap bin

Fairly new and clean 1997 Wave Venture 760 mid shaft and coupler cover $40
OEM 1997 Wave Venture 760 complete ebox, flywheel, stator and flywheel cover - Nice flywheel, ring gear has some unpleasant wear on a few teeth, stator wiring is a little messed up/damaged but again the ski ran surprisingly well when all this was removed $260
OEM engine side coupler and damper $20
OEM fuel shut off vavle $20


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Follow up pics


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