1993-96 Waveblaster Riva Red Pipe

I'm selling my 1993-1996 Yamaha Wave Blaster 1 RIVA Red Pipe. As you know, this pipe makes really good power, especially compared to the stock Yamaha exhaust. I ran this exhaust for 3 seasons, trouble free on my Waveblaster and it worked great. At the time, I installed a brand new gasket and brand new stainless studs to mount the headpipe to the chamber and it has never came loose and never leaked. Also included is an aluminum bracket to mount this exhaust to an aftermarket head, if you choose to go this route as well as the rubber coupler that goes to the waterbox and a stainless steel hose clamp. There were some pores/small imperfections in the casting, but I had my welder professionally fill them with weld and they were ground flush and cannot even be seen now. This pipe is all set up to be trouble free, reliable, and completely ready to use with NO stripped threads, cracks, breaks, etc. Thanks for looking! $675 plus shipping and Paypal fees.


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No worries
If I come across any 701 performance pipes, I'll keep you in mind. There's actually a Riva Red pipe on ebay right now.

If I come across any 701 performance pipes, I'll keep you in mind. There's actually a Riva Red pipe on ebay right now.

Bro. Great looking out. This looks perfect for the application. I’m tempted to hold out and go for the blaster bpipe… E4E23DFD-7CC9-401F-81EA-3F81A856BE7E.jpeg
Those 'Blaster B pipes are getting harder to find and they are getting VERY expensive though ($1200-$1500). They do work really well.
No kidding….

This ones chamber is pretty banged up but I’m also a little concerned about this one fitting.
I have a wet jet pipe that may work well for you, just have to cut and clock the outlet to match up with your water box. The wet jet pipes were designed i beleive by westcoast and make great power over the stock yamaha pwc exhausts.
Thanks for looking out! I actually ended up buying the Red Pipe listed above. A local buddy of mine has a wet jet pipe as well, I considered using it for sure, like you said the Stinger just needs to be edited.
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