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This thread is intended to help myself and other Zodiac Projet owners to keep track of the very little information known about these little boats. The power plant and drive train are all waverunner 3 junk so I hope that it is welcomed here as I can’t find much, I’ll be adding links for what I do find as I go. AE7CC1B9-1291-423F-B34B-EA71D5C73FDB.jpeg
I saw this little boat pop up on marketplace and could only find very very little about this particular model. To the best of my knowledge it is a first generation Zodiac Projet. They went on to make several different models throughout the 90’s of the Projet like the 350, 420 but this one is just, Projet. Serial number 69. I’ve found a few other threads of curious people, that end up with them, and maybe some of those threads were talking about first gen models like mine? I can confirm that a few of them definitely were as they shared a few pictures but they were on some pretty old threads that hadn’t been active in like 5+ years. I’ve seen where a few people 760 swapped them and with a pipe basically doubled the stock hp and make them rip so that’s what I’m going to do because why not. Also looking into putting the 12 vein and prop pump combo junk so that it will get nice hookup in foamy river water.
For the 760 swap I decided to go with the Riva Red 701 blaster exhaust. Looks like a perfect fit. I just ordered a complete one with hardware from a feller on ebay. The stock 760 exhaust or the Riva Red for the 760 would not fit without having to cut the hull. I figure it’s better than trying to put the 650 exhaust up to the 760. B49A7B76-8B68-441E-BD3C-F9F167348A18.jpegC2FB11A0-475C-40A1-B668-DF27CC28B38D.jpegD2A386D1-9028-4236-8D25-EB42730FFDE8.jpeg1CD944B6-D911-4BEC-A81C-35D45C093309.jpegE2A8A068-5F19-4DA1-86BF-9D99DCF1A1D6.jpegA1A67891-A6D5-4965-8C8C-766803CB2F8D.jpg
The route of the exhaust. Out the rear, into the pump tunnel. I’m going to try to squeeze a GP760 waterbox in there to replace the stock fiberglass one. Has anyone ever ran the flow of a Gp760 waterbox, in reverse for any builds intentionally? It’s Looking like it’s flying to fit way better that way


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I built one of these a few years back. WR3 based as well. 61x powered with a 144 pump. It felt like an absolutely rocket ship. Went pretty good with pipe, head, prop

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Cleaning and freshening up the fuel tank, hoses, pickups, and sending unit. Also took the opportunity to cleanup the solange… unfortunately I had to begin right after I removed tank because sloshed about a gallon of old nasty ass gas down into the solange in thru the entire hull of the boat and out the drain plugs into the floor of my garage :( it’s all good we gettin there baby


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Just did a motor job on another one of these. Never again. This is my third and these things are absolutely miserable to work on


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Just did a motor job on another one of these. Never again. This is my third and these things are absolutely miserable to work on

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I am sad to hear that brotha! This one has been a stock 650 for around a 100 hours. It’s runs great, makes good power, even compression, I’m even able to mod it to some extent. I’ve quite enjoyed working on this one! Hopefully I’ll be able to reap the benefits of that work soon.


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This one only had 52 hours on the clock, but crank and pistons were smoked, cables smoked, wear ring as well. Most of the boat side ignition stuff is cooked too. I jumped out the oem Yamaha harness side to start it.
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I like how this gen Projet has more of a couch thing going on. Like you’re riding on it instead of in it, and you can comfortably stand and drive since it’s like a big ole couch it has finger throttle on the steering. It think it is first generation. It’s like a 14’ version of the first one you shared. Centric like a couch on the inside too, easy to work on I think
The tube is free of holes and all of the baffles hold air and generally in over-all good shape however the bolt rope glue has expired and let go cause the entire tube to separate from the hull. I have already completely stripped and cleaned the bolt ropes and am just waiting for the time to do the same to the tube so that I can re-glue the bolt ropes on and be ready to install the tube as soon as the hull is ready for it.


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Sorry for depraving you all of my process, I’ve got some updating to do…

Thanks to brother Brad (who is an experienced turfer) who helped me out for the measly price of a sixer of bud heavys, I was able to reglue the bolt rope, seam guards and whatever you call the thingy that you stick the bow of the hull up into on the tube
I also finished up fixing up the fuel system
New lines, new filter, tank flush, cleaned up the sending unit, resealed everything, fresh stainless hose clamps, billet filler neck and cap, cleaned fuel select, cleaned up the pickups, added tank straps( there were none), added damper pads beneath the tank, and shimmed it tight with pieces of HT DD6242BD-B98A-43BB-A006-3DBD4B00405E.jpegfound the original info sticker wadded up in the fuel solange and put it back on with some packing tape-12.3 gallons 0BF2A4D4-72EF-478B-96F9-52D5F764BFEC.jpegB15D9DDE-6EB9-4AF6-AA74-6F4DE16908F4.jpeg90D284C8-9E7A-4008-B113-846C0E28B241.jpeg32DCE421-A93F-4DEC-82E3-7FE672FAE1DD.jpegED96B320-FD54-4549-84CB-F7F9AB7E96CC.jpeg771FFC75-EC75-44D2-A34D-B3C736BACCE6.jpegA62E922C-AE21-4BE7-BF76-514D085B10A0.jpegimage.jpg


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I just couldn’t live with the dinky little drain plugs… they were just screwed into the hull as well…. I want this mother to be sea worthy by god!

So I started looking for alternatives, I found these nice cast stainless ones online that had conical screw holes so I found some conical flat headed stainless machine screws and had a machinist make me some threaded Stainless plate flanges for them and installed them with 5200 (thanks again Brother Brad for the smudge of 5200)
They have a “hang” feature like the stock ones just much better
Also, I learned from the PWC Doc at Daytona this year that he makes a Versiplug that will fit right into them!!image.jpg
This is much better :)


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