Super Jet 10/18 in a 650 sn sj, good or bad?

So I ordered a 10/18 when I was convinced I was goin to do a 701 swap on my sj.... But I picked up a good deal on a 650 motor so I am going to stick with that and save my 701 for another question is would it be a backwards step to put the 10/18 in over my stock impeller??? I don't want this thing to just sit around until I possibly get a 701 (if I ever get one), input on people's opinions better or worse???
The 9/17 and 10/18 standard blade stainless Skat-Trak impellers work very well in the 90-93 6M6 superjets. Pull the pump out, remove the stock aluminum impeller, locate your nearest trash can and drop it in.


id say better. stock SJ is like 17 pitch or something like that? you can always put 701 cylinders on the 6m6 case with a bit of a grinding.
No go with it. I have ran a 10/18 in an OEM pump with a stubby cone ported 650 coffmans exhaust ran great. 9/17 did work better but it is defiantly a huge up grade over stock
I bought a 1990 Superjet that the previous owner put a 62t/61x 701 in and a Factory Pipe with a Limited Chamber and a Factory Pipe waterbox and a Skat 10/18 standard blade impeller and it pulls very hard down low. I never rode it with the factory impeller or anything others, but it's a snappy machine. Everyone that rides it really likes it and it's quite a fun machine.
Even free I wouldn't run a 650.

This is an 8 year old thread that someone keeps digging up to talk about 10/18 small hub skat props.

That said I would run a 6m6 all day long and be stoked I was on the water. They are over engineered tiny tanks with great low end and are cheap
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