yamaha 62t

  1. Tjl

    Need a pipe 701

    In need of pipe desperately lol. Riva Red, TNT, Factory whatever you have. Let me know my name is Tylor 62T
  2. backflipjason

    Project_ Freedom_X2

    This is my first build thread I have ever done. I bought a x2 hull that has been sitting for 20 years. My goal is to run with a 701 or 760 Yamaha with a 144 mm pump and mid shaft, and Rear exhaust and much more I will upload some pic later on today.
  3. Nottbowerpower jnr

    62t Case porting, 61x Cylinder porting - Freeride mid-range punch

    62t case porting, looking to build a rellable freeride motor with lots of mid range punch. Pictures of what works and explanation as to why would be great, just getting ideas together.
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