1. Devo

    SOLD Carbon 760cc Superjet $7,100

    2008 Yamaha Superjet 760cc 2 stroke • Built and ridden by Patrick Bogart - known as the “Thunder Pumpkin” • Full carbon fiber hull • Carbon fiber hood • 760cc engine • ADA Head • TBM Lightweight charging flywheel • Factory B-pipe • Polished custom Team XScream exhaust • 2 gallon fuel cell • X...
  2. S

    Factory B pipe & 64x Electronics

    Selling my factory b pipe, it is two seasons old, freshwater only, all screws turn, tapped for dual cooling, includes clamps and coupler. Chamber and head pipe powdercoated white pearl, chamber needs a respray. Everything works as it should. 950$ plus shipping obo 64x electronics full kit...
  3. Boostedx11

    760 Electronics, Flywheel & Cover for Zeeltronics Setup

    For Sale: 760 Electronics, Flywheel & Cover for Zeeltronics Setup Ebox, Flywheel, Stator, and flywheel cover, coil, etc included. Everything you need to get up and running on Zeel. Stock 760 CDI Removed. Everything Pictured is included. Asking $250 Shipped from CT. Paypal accepted.
  4. Kyle c

    no bottom end power!

    so i just picked up my first freestyle ski, its a brawler with A 760 motor with a b pipe and tdr waterbox, it ias a 146 pump, i seem to have no low end hit, i can barley get it out of the water where on my 701 superjet i can jump a couple feet on flat water, the motor sounds like its reving out...
  5. F

    Yamaha 760 Locked Up

    Hi all, first post, could have been on better terms... Purchased a GP760 for dirt that had decent compression (130 in the front and around 125 in the rear). Went through a carb rebuild, cleaned the fuel tank out. It ran great for a few weeks. Had it's first hiccup in Homasassa on the 4th, it...
  6. Havemanm

    Super Jet Total Loss problems

    I have the MSD Total Loss set-up on my Yamaha 760. It runs great on the trailer and when I first get going but once it gets hot it cuts out and then the ski stops running completely and unable to start again until cooled down. I cant seem to find troubleshooting tips for this problem. I am going...
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