1. backflipjason

    Project_ Freedom_X2

    This is my first build thread I have ever done. I bought a x2 hull that has been sitting for 20 years. My goal is to run with a 701 or 760 Yamaha with a 144 mm pump and mid shaft, and Rear exhaust and much more I will upload some pic later on today.
  2. S

    Factory B pipe & 64x Electronics

    Selling my factory b pipe, it is two seasons old, freshwater only, all screws turn, tapped for dual cooling, includes clamps and coupler. Chamber and head pipe powdercoated white pearl, chamber needs a respray. Everything works as it should. 950$ plus shipping obo 64x electronics full kit...
  3. G

    Pop Off Pressure Help

    How critical is it to get the correct pop off pressure according to the Mikuni charts. Please see what both carbs are showing on a dual 44's. The 95/80g readings are what are throwing me off, they don't seem to correlate correctly. I was missing the 95g springs but i bought the last one on the...
  4. crashtest

    64x enhancer?

    Hello everyone! So... I have a 62t/62t that I got from a neighbor and he said it came out of some sort of couch (he didnt remember what) put it in my ski, runs great. I finally got around to putting in an enhancer, and low and behold upon opening the ebox it says 64x on the cdi and has one large...
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