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    SXR 800 Lightned Flywheel

    If you are serious about racing the lites class you might want to brush up on the rulebook. You are not allowed to run a lightened flywheel or perform any sort of modifications on the pump or nozzle aside from changing the impeller. You ARE allowed to dry out the exhaust and run an ignition...
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    Wtb R&D ride plate 2008-2020 SJ

    Looking for an r&d pro series ride plate for a 2008-2020 sj
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    First Mods to my 2021 Superjet...What do you think?

    Ecu reflash, blowsion front sponsons, ovp steering setup on a rrp or blowsion handlepole. It will handle a bit better
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    AWSA Racing - Lake Osoyoos Cup August 20-22 2021 The second race of 2021 in the PNW area is scheduled for August 20-22 in Oroville, Washington. Oroville is located minutes from the Canadian border in Eastern Washington and the race side is located at Deep Bay Park on Lake Osoyoos...
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    Mounting Blowsion Destroyer Sponsons on 06 SXR

    if i remember correctly you want to put them at 39.5" to 40.5" from the rear. If you hold the sponson against the hull you will feel a "sweet spot" where they seem to fit the natural contour of the hull well and I believe it is somewhere between 39.5" and 40.5".
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    Tips/tricks 99 Superjet lites

    Sell it and get a 2008 or newer hull. I hate to be a pessimist but there is no point in building an older one to race this class. The newer ones handle 10x better around a course which is especially important in a class where everyone is essentially capped at the same speed. After finding a...
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    Nozzle Boring 85mm

    C57racing in LHC should be able to bore it for you
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    AWSA Racing - Pateros Apple Pie Jamboree July 16-18 2021

    PNW AWSA Racing July 17-18 Pateros Washington Online registration is underway online at: ... Online registration will be open through Tuesday, July 13. After that, registration will be on-site in Pateros; there will be an additional $25...
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    IJSBA PNW Qualifier - American Falls Idaho August 6-8 2021

    IJSBA PNW Qualifier - August 6-8th 2021 PRE-REGISTER NOW: IJSBA World Finals Qualifier Jet-Ski Race, hosted at Willow Bay Resort in American Falls, Idaho the weekend of August 7th and 8th in conjunction with Kyle Curry Memorial...
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    AWSA Racing - Pateros Apple Pie Jamboree July 16-18 2021

    2 weeks out from the first race in the PNW region. Pre-register today to avoid late registration fees from on-site registration.
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    WTB 2008+ Superjet engine mounts

    still looking for a set
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    WTB 08+ SJ pump

    still needing a pump and/or mint 08+ driveshaft
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    SXR With No Mid Range Throttle

    If it has a dry pipe, what you are describing is likely totally normal. Even some wet pipes come on strong like that if they are set up right. Assuming there are no problems with the pipe or carbs and the engine/pump setup is healthy, the dry pipe is not quite the best for basic rideability...
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    WTB 08+ SJ pump

    Still looking for a good pump assembly
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    Use the original spring, give it a slight re-bend in a vise so the pole end of the spring runs up into the RRP tube and it works perfect
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    93 Super Jet cracked Tray

    If you're looking to pay to have it done take it down to Blowsion in Sherwood Oregon just a few hours south of you. They are very capable and will get it dialed in.
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    WTB 2008+ Superjet engine mounts

    Looking for a good set of engine mounts, 2008+ I have a set of couch mounts I can swap in interested, or will buy outright thanks in advance
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    WTB 08+ SJ pump

    bump still looking
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    WTB 08+ SJ pump

    still looking
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    WTB 08+ SJ pump

    Looking for a clean/undamaged OEM pump/wear ring/driveshaft from a 2008+ SJ. I don't need the prop or the nozzle but will purchase them if someone is selling everything as a package. Please shoot a PM if you have something available. TIA
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