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    SOLD 62T stock carbs, manifold, reeds, arrestor adapters jetted for b pipe $225 shipped

    Came off a running ski Jetted for b pipe Reeds, manifold, carbs and flame arrestor adapters And hardware as shown - $220 shipped
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    Nla delete
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    SOLD WTT / ISO: Trade my FX1 B pipe chamber for your Blaster 1 mod or limited chamber

    looking to trade. located in Florida
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    SOLD 1990 Kawasaki 550sx 701 Yamaha Rhaas Conversion $2500 shipped SRQ FL

    Located in Sarasota, FL. Needs nothing, is 100% turn key ready to ride and is titled. $2500 shipped in the US to the nearest freight hub. 1990 Yamasaki 701sx -90 SX Hull + pump -Rhaas swap plates -Fresh built Yamaha 701 - appx 4 hours on new engine -stock 61x bottom end with...
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    SOLD Kawasaki MMF 550 aluminum handlepole $500 shipped obo

    Stock length. Comes with subplate. Price is obo
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    SOLD FX-1 Factory B Pipe - manifold chamber headpipe $1300 shipped obo

    No stripped screws, I was not able to free them up, my torch is out of gas and no tanks are available anywhere around me for a few days. Everything else is in pretty good shape. I did not see any coils in the manifold, which also looks to be a 62t. It's currently on a running engine and will...
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    SOLD Yamaha 62T 701 with OEM 44s, complete electrical, start stop and MSD $1500 shipped

    Complete running setup. 62T 701 Oem 760 Mikuni 44s w. ProK arrestors (not shown in pics) msd enhancer Start stop New jetmaniac stator good compression jetted for b pipe $1500 shipped
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    SOLD 1994 Yamaha FX1 - floating roller - $2200 Sarasota FL

    Located in Sarasota FL - $2200 obo Complete floating roller - no engine, electrical or exhaust. Add a stock 61x and go. I'm not pulling anything else out of it besides the engine, ebox, and exhaust. 94 hull - titled UMI pole, steering, bars and throttle Solas or skat prop, stainless and no...
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    NOS PJS windbreakers - $120 green $130 pink - size small

    All smalls. New with tags, 2 pink and 3 green $120 green / $130 pink, plus shipping
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    WTB 62T stator

    Looking for a 62t stator. Thanks
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    SOLD Sold

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    SOLD Mariner JS300 exhaust $400

    Pipe, elbow and manifold $400 and shipping
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    Facebook outage thread

    After the bombshell from the 'whistleblower' yesterday, FB is in trouble. My guess is they shut off the servers completely from the outside world, are restructuring their algorithm, and will be up and running in a few days. Tech savvy guys are trying to wrap their heads around the root cause as...
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    SOLD 2006 Kawasaki SXR800 $3900 Sarasota FL

    FL titled - located in Sarasota Florida 2006 Kawi SXR800 Bone stock with TBM exhaust outlet Has been sitting in a garage for 6 months, mostly freshwater use 120 psi each hole so it's approaching a top end job soon. Carbs need to be gone through. Not perfect but it's priced fairly. I rode it...
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    SOLD 2007 EME signature 800 - titled bare hull with RRP bracket, intake grate, mounts, rideplate Sarasota FL $1400

    rough week Florida titled as an EME. Has been assigned a HIN and is fully legal. Has less than 10 hours of total use, some light scuffs and buffs here and there, one side of the graphics was in the sun for a bit. It's a 14 year old ski, it's not perfect. I have seen much newer skis in worse...
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    SOLD EME 800 part out - all must go - msd factory pipe mag pump rrp

    can bring to sff if paid in full Novi 48 dual carbs with arrestors- jetted for 800 Polaris with EME lay down pipe, freshly rebuilt with oem kits. Billet linkage and drum, proK filters. Might be a hair rich for a 701. Have had 3 sessions on them in freshwater only. I remember they had 2.0 n/s but...
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    SOLD Yamaha 1999 GP1200 partout

    Parting out a really nice hull or take it complete for $1000 - Sarasota Florida. Titled - no trailer. hull only. Engine/Ebox/exhaust was used for a B1 swap. everything else is there and works as it should... waterbox, pump, cluster display etc. Super low hour hull. let me know what you need...
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    Race spec ported 62T cylinder / 62t cases / ada girdled head / oem starter $700 shipped

    62T cases, ported cylinder that will be 1 over when fresh, I can pull the head to check exactly I just didn't feel like messing with it, girdled head - needs crank rebuilt, can ship with or without the core. Top end will need to be done. Oem starter included but not shown. - $700 shipped within...
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    ski nlfs
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    ISO: Exhaust manifold adapter - Kawi cylinder to Yamaha exhaust - Powerfactor

    From what I can tell PFP is the only one who made one of these any time recently but I am looking for a Kawi cylinder to Yamaha exhaust manifold adapter. using yamaha laydown exhaust with a kawi engine
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