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  1. bored&stroked

    RN steering cable replacement

    I have to put a steering cable into this RN I aquired. I have the parts on the pic, just not sure how to mount them. The plastic collar won't close around any of the reduced diameter metal spots as far as I can tell. Which spot does it go? Does the washer go before or after the plastic ring? Am...
  2. bored&stroked

    MSD remote mount starter solenoid

    I installed one of these things in my last ski but it was years ago. Got a new to me ski and am putting one in it as well. Thing is, the instructions are not what I remember. They show the wire from the start/stop switch going to two spots on the solenoid. I only remember it going to the small...
  3. bored&stroked

    Superjet vs sitdown 144mm pump differences?

    So I'm putting together a RN. It came as a hull with all the parts in boxes. My buddy had pulled everything for his rickter build, then bought and stripped a cheap VXR for its drivetrain and put it in this RN for his lady to ride. Fast forward to now, everything was pulled except the pump. He...
  4. bored&stroked

    ADA 760 dome size

    I was replacing the orings on my buddies square nose last night. The domes were marked YA7631L. I'm guessing this means yamaha 760 cylinder at 31cc? According to ada thats about 230lbs of compression?!?!? This thing has ran 91 octane for the last 5 years. It has some porting, but I've only seen...
  5. bored&stroked

    Wave venture water routing stock

    Ok, its not a standup, but I figured some peeps on here have messed with these before. wave venture 760. It only has one metal nipple on the exhaust pipe, and one rubber where the coupler is. Head has two outlets. Ski only has one pisser. Does one outlet on the head go directly to the pisser and...
  6. bored&stroked

    Oil in stator area = bad crankseals?

    My raider has had a running issue after heating up that I've narrowed down to most likely the stator. So went to put a spare on last night, and when I pulled the cover I got a lot of oil that came out. Between that and the random tiny washer I found stuck to the inside of the flywheel, I feel...
  7. bored&stroked

    B pipe manifold install

    So I read the instructions I found online, and it mentions putting the top two middle bolts in first but doesn't mention anything about tightening them...Am I really only tightening 6 bolts and leaving those top two middle ones loose? I can't find any way to turn and tigheten them once the...
  8. bored&stroked

    Vforce port mismatch

    I'm using an oem 760 intake manifold. I have a protec sitting here too so I know I'm using the correct adapters in the vforces for the oem manifold, yet it has this large mismatch thats driving me nuts. Can this be ported to match or should I leave it alone?
  9. bored&stroked

    Two flywheels enter, one flywheel leaves

    Putting together this round nose from boxes of parts. Have two flywheels. Identical in every way except the magnets. Anyone know why? Need to use one of them.
  10. bored&stroked

    Protec vs oem 760 intake manifold

    Is there any performance benefit to running a protec manifold over the oem manifold on a 760? I noticed the ports are different shaped openings where it meets with the block otherwise they are the same it seems.
  11. bored&stroked

    Riken rings part number?

    Why can't I find the part number for Riken piston ring sets for an 84mm bore? It's driving me crazy.
  12. bored&stroked

    Reed stuffers?

    I got a big box of parts from a buddy with my RN hull to turn into a ski. He tells me to install the reed stuffers, but I found what seems to be two, different pairs? Amnyone know what the deal is? They were used with Vforce reeds if it matters...
  13. bored&stroked

    Forgot which piston goes where

    Like an idiot I forgot which piston went in which hole in my 701. The top end has 2 seasons on it. Should I hone before installing in case they are going in the wrong holes? Do I need new rings or are they fine as long as ring gap checks out? Lastly, if I need to hone, 3 stone or ball type?
  14. bored&stroked

    Protec manifold w/ dual SBN44's

    Protec manifold, dual SBN44's. Carb's have about 4yrs on rebuild kits. $275+shipping
  15. bored&stroked

    Factory pipe exhaust manifold

    Selling an extra FP manifold I have for Yamaha's. Has both cooling ports drilled and tapped. One helicoil/timesert installed. $300 shipped in the 48. 61x manifold.
  16. bored&stroked

    Ada 701 domes 33 and 35cc

    I aquired an ADA head for my ski but it came with two sets of 701 domes and I'm running 84mm bore so I need 760 domes. Both sets are in excellent shape with no pitting. 33cc and 35cc dome sets. Looking to trade them for 35cc and 38cc 84mm bore sets.
  17. bored&stroked

    SN front bumper

    My front rubber bumper on my square nose ripped and they don't sell them anymore. Anyone have one for sale or know who has them?
  18. bored&stroked

    I hate these threads, which means I hate myself. Jetting start point?

    Doing some swapparu's with parts over the winter and just curious where I should start. -Putting a 760 cylinder [thats going to get a light home porting] on my raider, so it'll basically be a 760 motor but with dual 38's. Go up, down, leave the stock 67.5/120 jetting the raider comes with? Ski...
  19. bored&stroked

    701 vs 760 ignitions

    Ive read they are different, and that only the 760 can use the zeeltronics box. Besides that point if your looking to go zeel, is there any advantage to one over the other? Also ok to run whatever? Like is it ok to run say a 61x full electrical system on a 760? Or vise versa?
  20. bored&stroked

    Aftermarket cdi's? Avoid like starters or viable?

    Can't find a decent used 62t CDI right now. Don't have $300 for a new one. See aftermarket new replacements available these days. Anyone take the chance and run one yet?
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