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    Which Zeeltronic PDCIS-A02T or PDCIS-02T

    Which is the preferred model? PDCIS-A02T or PDCIS-02T
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    Jetting help needed, 750, dual 38, bpipe

    I have a 750 small pin out of a 1994 xir with the stock dual 38 keihin’s, a bpipe, 185psi head and 9/17 skat. having trouble dialing in the bottom end. It states and idles, but stalls if grab half to full throttle. If I baby it on the way up I can get it going. the 38’s have 3 jets...
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    CDI mounting trouble

    I’m rebuilding an X2 that was apart for years. I believe it’s a 1990 model year. I can’t seem to find 2 bolt holes that match up to the CDI in the typical spot. Was there a mounting plate I may be missing?
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    Wtb: factory b manifold for 701

    Looking for a manifold for a 701. Would be interested in full exhaust limited or mod chamber as well.
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