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  1. fx1mark

    SBT buys out Hydro-turf and HT Moto

    I see hydroturf is now listed on the watercraft superstore site.
  2. fx1mark

    Adding Fuel Filter?

    I would leave it alone and go ride.
  3. fx1mark

    Adding Fuel Filter?

    I run the stock filter on my ski's. It also has a water seperator.
  4. fx1mark

    yamaha motor mount shims 100 pack or so?

    These can be used in a pinch.
  5. fx1mark

    WB1 wont rev turned full lock

    I remember two threads, here they are. Here's one. Here's the other.
  6. fx1mark

    Fuel Delivery issue (I’ve tried just about everything)

    I had that happen to one of my diaghrams recently. Only sticky on the outside. My conclusion was that the diaghram was just old and the material was failing.
  7. fx1mark

    How to ride a superjet in surf

    I don't know if that's legal.
  8. fx1mark

    How to ride a superjet in surf

    That video looked familiar to me.
  9. fx1mark

    Project "Faster Blaster"

    Looks good.
  10. fx1mark

    Fuel Delivery issue (I’ve tried just about everything)

    they like to clog up and will starve your motor for fuel.
  11. fx1mark

    Fuel Delivery issue (I’ve tried just about everything)

    Have you checked the filters on the fuel pump side of the carbs?
  12. fx1mark

    JetManiac parts

    you can also contact him through facebook. He usually responds to me the same day and ships the next except on weekends.
  13. fx1mark

    JetManiac parts
  14. fx1mark

    Superjet starter

    Sounds like your starter switch.
  15. fx1mark

    IS there a trick to removed the head

    Remove the nuts. leave the spark plugs in and hit the starter. The head will pop off.
  16. fx1mark

    Weird issue, rides good then barely runs

    When you had the carb apart did you clean the filter on the fuel pump side? (was that the filter that had debri in it ?)
  17. fx1mark

    R & D Head Girdle O-ring

    You could also check with Jetmaniac he might be able to help you out. Another option would be Mcmaster-carr, they sell a large selection of o-rings. I run them on my riva head and I am pleased with the quality. You would have to figure out what sizes you need though. Here is the ada, protec and...
  18. fx1mark

    Yamaha WaveJammer WJ500 Info?

    You should do a build thread. I'd like to see it.
  19. fx1mark

    Destin, FL riding/rentals

    I'm fairly sure all they will rent are couches. Would you rent your superjet to a stranger to ride in the surf? (I wouldn't) Years ago we were surf riding in Destin and a guy on a couch came out and rode with us. He was a air force pilot in town and asked the rental guy if he could ride in the...
  20. fx1mark

    Freestyle Is plug reading completely useless on a freestyle ski?

    Once I adjusted the low speed screw then I adjusted the idle screw for the correct idle. I then adjusted the idle again once it was in the water. So, no, I don't know what it was. I found it hard to tell when the rpms went up when I was turning the low speed screw in and the tach made it easy to...
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