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  1. alex_hockey

    R and D cast 8mm stroker

    Looking at selling my cast r and d 8mm 7 port stroker. Has 132mm RAD crank. Has just recently been rebuilt with 82mm weiscos. Motor was purchased new and has had only light run time. Motor was stored filled with oil. No carbs or intake. I believe it can be bored to 85mm. I will get better pics...
  2. alex_hockey


  3. alex_hockey

    xscream 865 questions

    Hey guys I have an xscream ss 865 and was wondering what thickness of squish you guys run on a pump gas motor. Aswell what squish are you aiming for. I tried to call xscream with the number off their website but it says it is disconnected. Thanks
  4. alex_hockey

    Super Jet Msd enhancer timing curve

    Does anybody have a picture of the msd enhancer timing curve? I tried searching I couldn't find much.
  5. alex_hockey

    Other Hot products catalog price list

    Anybody have it? Curious on a few things would like to know some prices.
  6. alex_hockey

    Freestyle Fx1 with wdk bottom deck conversion

    Hey guys, just Picked up a prepreg carbon f1 pro bottom deck and a fx1 top deck out of Missouri. Top deck needs some work still but should be pretty nice when complete. Top deck = 19 pounds with no tray Bottom deck = 23 pounds Hood with no liner = 9 pounds The f1 pro bottom has a two...
  7. alex_hockey

    Freestyle Powerfactor in a fx1

    Anybody know if a powerfactor will fit in a fx1?
  8. alex_hockey

    Freestyle Powerfactor

    Anybody know if a powerfactor will fit in a fx1
  9. alex_hockey

    Other Anybody seen one of these before?
  10. alex_hockey

    Type 4?

    Just wondering if anybody has seen or ran a type 4 in a b1? I couldnt find anything just seeing if the gas tank needs to be modified.
  11. alex_hockey

    Front Page of the Burlington post

    Was ripping out at burlington beach, end up asking some guy to take some picutres. Ended up being on the front page of the burlington post
  12. alex_hockey

    FX-1 Carb jetting

    Hey guys im looking for some advice on the jets i should run in my carb, i have a ported 61x/61x cylinder running 180 psi with total loss and a type four dry pipe , and a stock 44. I dont have the funds right now to upgrade my carb, just wondering if someone has ran something close to this that...
  13. alex_hockey

    FX-1 FX1 Build.

    Hey guys, just starting my fx1 build up. Currently getting sanded down for paint. Going for a metallic red topdeck, black lower deck and black pole with black turf. Currently has a 650 pump installed with footholds. Some parts i currently have or will be recieving soon... sizzler pipe msd...
  14. alex_hockey

    Identifying a 701

    Hey guys i got a quick question, im going to look at an engine tommorow, cant tell if its a 650-701 engine. It has riva ported cylinders and he the owner cannot find any 61x/62t markings. But i got him to measure the bore on the cylinder and it reads 81mm which is stock for a 701. I just want...
  15. alex_hockey

    x2 parts

    Hey guys im clearing out the garage and have quite a few parts for the x2 i need to get rid of. 650 westcoast pipe 2/650 coffman pipes bad bones water box solas 15.5 impellor mariner head 42 mm Cdk II Carb with polished 44mm intake U.M.I top stop steering unit 650 total loss setup...
  16. alex_hockey

    300/440/550 Water in fuel??

    Hey guys, my buddy has a 88 550 and keeps well be riding around for a bit and when he gets about 1/4 left in his tank the water seperator starts filling up with water, its constant and we always end up dumping the end of the tank because there is so much water. Im really confused on this one we...
  17. alex_hockey

    Jetting Question?

    Hey guys, i have looked at quite a few posts and still cannot find a specific answer to my jetting. I no its been gone over many times but i still cannot get it and my low end feels like its suffering. Currently i have a 99 sj with dual 44 mikuni's also proformance wise i have a r @ d head, msd...
  18. alex_hockey

    My first sj got a few questions

    Hey guys i just picked up my first sj. Its a 99 running with msd igniton msd enhancer, r@d head , dual 44 mikinis, wet wolf cone, and a skat track swirl prop? Im not to sure on the prop but my question is where should i set my carbs? Low speed / high speed? How many turns out should they be for...
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