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  1. Twinturbostang

    Factory Headpipe $275 shipped

    What you see is what you get. Was on running ski. Center water screw was powder coated over because it didn’t move. Other 2 were set for a kawi 800 it was on. But it’s a Yami headpioe because it’s not as tall. $275 shipped or it stays on my wall
  2. Twinturbostang

    Factory Pipe Head pipe $175

    This is a factory pipe Yami head pipe that was cut and cleared for power valve motor. This was cleared back in the day when valves were bigger! Lol can use alittle smoothing out where the bolt holes were welded. YES all the screw holes are good. I have extra water screws I’ll send with it...
  3. Twinturbostang

    Pancake Pete front foot hold that flips open

    Pancake Pete front foot hold that someone modified to flip open to store fire extinguisher or weed. Don’t remember what ski it was on but had to be a superjet $50
  4. Twinturbostang

    Riva head for 701 $100

    Cleaning out parts shed no idea where it’s from. $100
  5. Twinturbostang

    3 144 superjet blaster pumps $50

    $50 for the one with shaft has few small chips $100 each on the clean pumps
  6. Twinturbostang

    Super Rare Speed Magic Pipe only one is USA!!! Kawi power factor

    If you know what this is then you know what it’s worth. It’s been hanging on my wall and never used. Super Rare Speed Magic Pipe only one is USA! This is for Kawasaki based 800 or 750 or built 650. Chamber I had brought to World Finals few years ago and never ended up using it. The manifold is...
  7. Twinturbostang

    Superjet fiberglass and protect ride plates

    2 ride plates superjet $160 for fiberglass $60 For purple protect
  8. Twinturbostang

    New Trust and cold fusion Gas tanks

    $200 for thrust tank has all pick ups $150 for gold fusion tank missing top cap deal
  9. Twinturbostang

    Brand new 701 industries Blaster Superfly seat

    Brand new 701 industries Blaster Superfly seat $550 shipped. Going to ebay if no one here wants it
  10. Twinturbostang

    For all the Chris Fiore Fans

    i know a bunch of people have been burned by this guy over the years. Selling bad cranks saying they were good, blown up motors and bad stators. Well he final got nailed for something bigger.
  11. Twinturbostang

    Rad Dudes FreeRide Shirts if you didn't get one

    Have a few shirts left. Let me know what size and ill tell you if we have them in red, blue, or black. $20 shipped
  12. Twinturbostang

    Freestyle Rad Dudes Daytona Freeride 2015 video and pics

    Daytona Freeride 2015 video
  13. Twinturbostang

    Freestyle Rad Dudes Give Aways & Party info at Daytona Freeride

    If you have been to a Freeride where Rad Dudes is a sponsor then you know we have a good time and we always do some kind of give away. Friday night we are teaming up with Jetmaniac for a great party at the host hotel. Come say hi and have a free drink on The Rad Dudes The nice people at Rockstar...
  14. Twinturbostang

    Jetlift beach carts and Rad Dudes Hitch Haulers 20% off and pickup at Daytona 2015

    Blackfriday sale of 20% off on all products on including big items like hitchhaulers beach carts and shop stand that can be picked up at Daytona to save shipping. (Nynja parts are 10% off) Sale prices will be on the site by midnight tonight Enjoy your Thanksgiving and then...
  15. Twinturbostang

    Rad Dudes Free Rockstar at Brigantine Beach Bash 2014

    Hey guys Rad Dudes are a Sponsor once again at Brigantine Beach Bash in NJ. Rad Dudes will have Trophies for Sickest Trick, Reentry, and Cherry POP. Also deals on all Rad Dudes parts and save on shipping on big items like Hitch Haulers, Jetlift beach carts and Stands. Also Pabst has kinda...
  16. Twinturbostang

    Jet Lift Beach Carts and Hitch Haulers at NJ Ride

    Ok guys since this ride is coming up at the end of Sept and Rad Dudes is a sponsor for this great event again. Here is a chance to get a great deal on the best beach cart on the market!!! That's right we will be having an on site sale of all Rad Dudes parts and the companies that we work with...
  17. Twinturbostang

    Freestyle Rad Dude River Ride Saturday May 24th, CT River, Come ride!

    Rad Dude River Ride Saturday May 24th, CT River, Come ride! We do this every year and its a blast. We know with the holiday weekend people have parties on sunday and monday. So take Saturday and come Ride the River!!! Rad Dudes River Ride! That’s right boys come down for a day of fun river...
  18. Twinturbostang

    Surfriding Rad Dudes Say Thanks For a Great Wavedaze!

    Rad Dudes just wants to say thank you again to everyone that came out to WaveDaze to make this awesome event what it was. These big freeride events bring together everything that makes this sport awesome. Wish we could have had a few more waves but that's nothing we can plan for. Yet we had...
  19. Twinturbostang

    Trophies For WaveDazd 2014 from Rad Dudes.

    Trophies from Rad Dudes, and with out this huge contribution by Chris at RACU doing these awesome shirt logos these guys would be topless Few races and events Dan and The Wavejunkies are putting on this weeken. Here they are, full stainless laser cut Trophies Rad Dudes Style. Race ones...
  20. Twinturbostang

    Rad Dudes Hitch Haulers Pickup at WaveDaze April 11-13

    Taking orders for people who want to save on shipping and buy at Wavedaze April 11-13 Fresh Batch going to the powder coater too if anyone wants a crazy color.
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