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    Yamaha OEM original 1st edition repair manual 1990 SuperJet, 1 owner lol

    I purchase this repair manual when I bought a brand new 1990 Superjet 650 in the spring of 1991. Its in great shape and most all specs still work for 61x/62T motor. Very first printing of the manual. Anyhow looking for just $30 shipped via USPS Priority 2-3 day shipping.
  2. SUPERJET-113

    SOLD Three SXR-800 cylinder base gaskets .060"

    SOLD! I made these special .060" SXR800 cyl. base gaskets for for a guy and he bailed on payment. This has been awhile ago, but they have been sealed up in plastic. Maybe somebody can use them. Take them away for $18 shipped.
  3. SUPERJET-113

    Three 61X 82mm head gaskets .090" - $10ea Top quality Klingersil material.

    I had these .090" 61X 82mm bore head gaskets made for a guy a couple years ago and he bailed on payment. I dont know if anybody can use them for something, but they are 100% Klingersil top of the line material. A stock 61X head gasket is .047". So using this will lower your compression on a...
  4. SUPERJET-113

    The famous "Cock mod" trick...

    This is the famous "Cock Mod" Jetski trick, invented by my Cousin Joel back in 1996 on his LTD Kaw 650SX(this vid from 97'). He did this SOLEY for all the ladies on the beach on Saturday afternoon. He headed straight on towards the beach with "the mod". :D Please tell me what you think. I...
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    Don't tread on me... Oh yeah!

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    Crazy dirt bike things..

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    When you buy on Ebay, don't be fooled.

    There are a ton of Ebay sellers now that look like they are based in the USA and have USA seller all over their account and thumbnail items, but many of the sellers on ebay now are Chinese nationals living in China. The money from their sales go right back into the Chinese economy and not ours...
  8. SUPERJET-113

    SBT buys out Hydro-turf and HT Moto

    Marine and powersports entrepreneur, Greg Pickren, has acquired Hydro-Turf from founder, Arno Olbricht. “Hydro-Turf has been for over thirty years and still is the leader in watercraft traction mats and seat covers, and we are extremely excited about this acquisition. Mr. Olbricht certainly...
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    Make 2 strokes great again...

    F'kin Hagest and Tera lookin good at Body Beach... :D
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    What should I do with this RC fuel?

    My brother left this at my house a few years ago and I dont know what to do with it to be honest? Can I mix it with a bunch of gasoline in my truck or ski? The can is 3/4 full and and been sealed up. Suggestions? :) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PowerMaster 15% Air was developed by VP Racing Fuels...
  11. SUPERJET-113

    KTM 450 EXC Supermoto for sale on CL, not mine...

    I'm force to sell my 2003 KTM 450 EXC Supermoto. Do yourself a favor and give this bad boy a read. Careful though you may end up with a new bike followed by a whole slew of problems that are unrelated to the motorcycle... I’m selling my KTM because I literally cannot stop popping wheelies...
  12. SUPERJET-113

    Used Kawasaki drive shafts - 3ea. 650SX, ZXI 900/1100

    I have some good Kawi drive shafts from when I used to part out a lot of ski's. Think they are 1 650SX shaft, and 2 ZXI900/1100 shafts. Can measure for you to make sure its the one you need. From fresh water Jetski's. I'll get some pics up yet today. $50 shipped each or $100 shipped for all...
  13. SUPERJET-113

    SOLD Helium "Risky Business" freestyle vest - Mens XL

    Helium Risky business freestyle vest, mens XL. In great shape, not wore that much at all. Very clean and only a couple super small , very unnoticeable stains. Has side entry with heavy duty zipper then flap with snaps, all in perfect working condition. Paid $150, selling for $70 shipped.
  14. SUPERJET-113

    Anybody know XH2O user EME1200?

    Anybody know XH2O user EME1200? His first name is Johnathon. He bought some gaskets from me on Tuesday and he gifted the paypal so I do not have his shipping info. He hasnt been online here since and I've messaged him 3 times in 3 days, and sent email to his paypal email addy. If anyone...
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    SOLD DG Tri-Oval Yamaha waterbox, excellent condition

    This came from a early 90's Waverunner 650 that I parted out a long time ago. I kept it to use someday as I have seen them put in Superjets also. It is very well made with nice welds and no leaks. The box itself measures 9 1/4" long X 6 1/2" tall X 5 3/4" wide. Just looking to get rid of it...
  16. SUPERJET-113

    This one time, at ski camp.... Crazy stories, tell one!

    This one time at ski camp.... Hehe, seriously this is a true story. In the summer of 1999, a female friend of a friend came up and asked my buddy if she could ride his Seadoo GTX 800, he said OK. We were just sitting around and he didnt think anything about it. Well the next thing you know...
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    Used dirt bike for sale

  18. SUPERJET-113

    2 good clean fuel tanks w/pickups - kaw 550, kaw 300SX, great for on the cheap freestyle builds. Make offer!

    2 good fuel tanks for freestyle builds. One 550 tank and one 300SX tank, both with fuel pickups. A little dusty from sitting on the shelf, they were always sealed up, clean inside. Someone might need one of these for a build. $60 shipped each.. or make me an offer! Please message me if you...
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    Super Jet RN Superjet hull prices...

    Why are RN SuperJet hull prices so crazy these days? Are there less of them around? I used to pick them up all day long for $500 back around 2000-2005. Now it seems like everybody wants $1500+ for just a hull and hood. just sayin' and wondering.
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