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  1. motobehrens

    SuperJet Nose Channel/Splash Guard

    I'm working on a splash guard that'll also have some anti sub properties, for my rn buoy ski. Superjets aren't really used much outside of kids classes or lites class.
  2. motobehrens

    FX1/144mm Bottom Replacement

    That's some good info. I've been shaping two part foam to try different front sponson shapes on my buoy ski. Divinylcell probably makes it easier to get good symmetry.
  3. motobehrens

    3.0? For spraying gelcoat.

    Post some pics of your project. Sounds interesting.
  4. motobehrens

    2021 Superjet Preorder Status - Share Yours

    It was in their showroom for a while. When did you put your deposit down?
  5. motobehrens

    Brapp's 1987 Toyota 4Runner Build

    Awesome! Thanks for posting. I've wanted a first gen 4Runner for so long I can't remember. I was looking for one last year when I stumbled across an LS1 swapped '88 Xtra cab I now use as my lake truck and daily driver.
  6. motobehrens

    FX-1 Purple Madness

    Post pics of the '87 4runner.
  7. motobehrens

    Broken Collarbone

    At the age of 45 I thought I would try my hand at BMX racing. That didn't last long. last week I went down hard in a corner. I broke the same one 20 years ago. I'm going the nonoperative route, though surgery would have quicker, better results. The several thousand saved by not having...
  8. motobehrens

    Square nose super jet bumper

    I have an excellent condition Square nose bumper. $120 shipped.
  9. motobehrens

    Rickter Registration - Arizona

    Does the hull have an ID tag? Did you receive an MSO with the hull? What did G&F say you needed to register the hull? Have they inspected it yet? You can usually get away with riding a ski with no numbers during the off season at any of the Salt River lakes. That will buy you some time...
  10. motobehrens

    Wiring up Blowsion bilge switch, only 3 wires?

    Do the wires have bullet connectors on them? The male connector is wired to 12v, and the female connectors are your outputs. Pick one wire with the female connector, and wire it to your bilge. Or, use an ohm meter to figure out which wire correlates to the switch position left of center(off)...
  11. motobehrens


    Yes, One9. I had to google the mcr9. It's like a sir9? Post a pic. I'd like to ride a steel frame to see how different it is.
  12. motobehrens


    Yeah, we've got plenty of rocks in AZ too.
  13. motobehrens


    Sweet single speeds! What are they? What fork is that?
  14. motobehrens

    Moveing to chandler Arizona

    I was working by Toledo the last couple weeks. Your weather sucks.
  15. motobehrens

    Moveing to chandler Arizona

    Your riding season will go from three months per year to twelve months per year.
  16. motobehrens

    Cant find answer on carb tuning

    You have a lot of the same concerns I used to have. When it is overly rich, you will know it. Be it two turns out, or two jet sizes up. It will be lethargic at full throttle, stumble, maybe excess exhaust smoke, low rpm, low mph, etc. To be on the safe side, if you have no idea where your...
  17. motobehrens

    Mod B Pipe in FX1 - Stinger Hose issues

    The instructions call for cutting down a stock exhaust to waterbox hose. In your case, a RN hose. The silicone hose you are trying to use is generally used in superjets with the longer limited chamber.
  18. motobehrens

    SuperJet Magnum Set-Back 140mm

    What pitch impeller? What year RN did it come out of?
  19. motobehrens

    FX-1 FX-1 Build of The Century??

    How many times have people tried to turn an FX-1 into a full freestyle hull, only to sell it and upgrade to an AM hull? For just banging around the lake and doing old school freestyle, his ski will be pretty sweet.
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