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    2021 rickter xfs g2

    Local shop finished up my jet ski yesterday couldn’t be happier with how it came out and how it performs ! RRP light weight pole Skat 155 mag pump Thrust trim TPE 1021 PFP pipe full spec 49’s MSD total loss
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    Want to Buy RRP rear tank and or Jaz tank

    Changed ad looking for gas tanks as stated as above thanks guys !
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    Want to Buy RRP rear tank and or Jaz tank

    Figured I’d throw this out there before I buy new but I’m Looking for a RRP rear tank and or a 2-3 gallon jaz tank. Thank you guys
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    SOLD WDK Carbon RIP

    Willing to part out ?
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    2020 XFS G2 ninja competition build

    Just got mine in can’t wait to build it !
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    RRP Intake grate

    Do you have one for a ninja ?
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    SOLD Tom21 RN fixed steer hood

    Bump will trade for a motor set up or a pole set up
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    SOLD 155mm rrp trim

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    SOLD Tom21 RN fixed steer hood

    Selling my tom21 fixed steer hood for RN superjets have all the hardware for it. Asking $900obo + shipping and PayPal fees.
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    SOLD 2001 superjet hull/hood/pole

    Any interest in parting out?
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    WTB 701 or 760

    If you wanna come off 550 a bit I may consider it
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    WTB 701 or 760

    Curious what’s out there for 701s or 760s. Blown up, complete with electronics etc... let me no what you guys have feel free to shoot me a text as well if it’s easier. 401-499-5876 thanks !
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    Sent a pm
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    Upcoming 1107cc Part out

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