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  1. SexPanther

    JS/SX Parts (driveline, motor mounts, intake grate)

    ‘90 sx driveline $100 motor mounts $20/each stock intake grate $10 Prices negotiable +shipping Located in Coeur d’Alene Idaho
  2. SexPanther

    Want to Buy 750sx intake grate (stock or aftermarket)

    Looking for a stock or aftermarket intake grate for a 750 sx.
  3. SexPanther

    Opinion's: Best 750 Intake Grate

    The Jet Dynamics grate looks solid. Worx looks similar but maybe not as deep? Its going on my Yamasaki 701 sx.
  4. SexPanther

    Want to Buy Kawi 650sx Steering Nozzle

    The Yamasaki must turn and this is what its going to take. Looking for a 650 sx steering nozzle assembly with the reduction nozzle.
  5. SexPanther

    Want to Buy Kawi 750sx or 800sxr 140mm pump

    The Yamasaki needs a jet pump. Looking for an unmolested 750 or 800 pump. I doesn't need a prop or turn nozzle.
  6. SexPanther

    JS parts (west coast pipe, electronics, handle pole)

    Complete ‘90 SX pole great shape with pole bracket $50 West Coast full pipe $300 Clean Unmolested ‘90 Ebox SOLD Yamaha start stop switch spliced into JS ebox connections $50 ‘90 SX complete stock pump (stator and prop are a bit rough) $75 Located in Coeur d’Alene Idaho prices negotiable...
  7. SexPanther

    Superjet Parts (midshaft, pole springs, etc)

    Oem pole spring $35 Blowsion HD pole spring $35 OEM fuel tank $100 OEM Motor Mounts SOLD Wave Raider 144 pump $35 OEM ‘17 SJ midshaft SOLD Located in Coeur d’Alene Idaho all prices negotiable +shipping.
  8. SexPanther

    440 rev limiter removal

    When you remove the rev limiter solenoid on the 440, do you leave the wires unplugged or do you plug them together?
  9. SexPanther

    Steering cable hull pass through

    How does this come apart? Probably not intended to, if that’s the case, how did it go together? Anyone tried to retrofit a Superjet cable system?
  10. SexPanther


    Are you SXR homies running the lightened or stock spring with your RRP poles? On the SJ my lightened spring gave my ski a boner pole that wouldn't go down so I ran the stock spring.
  11. SexPanther

    Yamasaki 701SX

    I’m building a 1991 550 sx with a stock 2017 62t 701 that I am swapping in. The exhaust hose diameter appears to be much larger on the 701 than 550. Does anyone know what has been done when interfacing with the rear exhaust system on sx boats with this swap? Remove the exhaust tube and punch a...
  12. SexPanther

    750/800 big pump conversion opinions

    Rhaas or Blackmarkit Innovations 750/800 big pump conversion. Differences? Opinions on which is superior? Other options?
  13. SexPanther

    08 and newer Superjet Hull

    08 and newer Superjet Hull
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