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    Parting out my ski

    Chin pad only ?
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    Looking for a pre 08 oem superjet handlepole or an aftermarket ! I’m located on zip code 84098.
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    Lake Elsinore July 13-14

    I’m in on the next one in August, if the damn thing work haha
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    Super Jet Aftermarket Waterbox

    Is any aftermarket or modified waterbox allowed on Lites IJSBA class ? Thanks guys.
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    Superjet exhaust "power sleeve"

    Following up!! Let’s us know if it works on SJ.
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    JetJam qualifies to WF ?

    just a curiosity.
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    Super Jet Lites Class Impeller

    Hey guys, whats up. Starting to build up SJ Lites/Stock got to the point to change the impeller. What you guys recommend ? So far, nothing done on engine, just a MSD Enhancer on it. Thanks in advance.
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