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  1. tomski

    New OEM Bearing Housing 61X-45332-03-94, OEM and WSM

    New OEM housing, $175 New WSM housing, $115 New OEM shaft, add $225. New WSM shaft, add $130 New WSM bearing and seal kit, add $40. New WSM grommet $25 Labor to build new $30. Rebuild labor used $60. Shipping not included.
  2. tomski

    155 RRP Trim ring build your own trim parts

    Will fit OEM exit nozzle, build your own. $150 plus shipping. Add $75 for new bushings and heim joint kit for 155 nozzle. Add $100 for new RRP trim cable. Add $75 for new RRP trim lever black. Add $125 for new RRP 155mm steering nozzle 95mm.
  3. tomski

    Versiplug PD1201, PD1800 2", Blowsion Vacate

    New Versiplug PD1201 Yamaha (all GPR) pre 2003, Waveblaster, 2021 Superjet. $40 plus shipping. Blowsion vacate, 06-01-063 Yamaha. $35 plus shipping. Used Versiplug PD1800, $60 plus shipping. New available, $90 plus shipping.
  4. tomski

    New Original RRP/Rickter Ride Plates FS-1/ 1996-2007 Superjet

    Short $250 plus shipping. Includes sleeve. Long $250 plus shipping. Includes sleeve.
  5. tomski

    Used Riva/R&D Superjet/Blaster Tri-Loader Intake Grates

    Older Riva $125 plus shipping. R&D/Newer Riva intake grate. Sold plus shipping. Have new here.
  6. tomski

    Used RRP Chinpads and Support/Stop

    7/8" Standard steering fits Yamaha or Kawasaki conversion, sold. RRP chinpad with hardware, $175 plus shipping. Add $50 for chinpad support/stop. RRP cast pole, Sold. Full Black RRP ninja chinpad, $275 plus shipping.
  7. tomski

    Used OEM Yamaha 760 cases

    Some wear, no damage. $175 plus shipping.
  8. tomski

    Used OEM 61X cylinder With New Pistons

    Original 61X cylinder with fresh hone New 81mm Pro-X pistons New top-end bearings New base gasket New exhaust manifold gasket 8 - 8mm exhaust manifold bolts. Ready to go $525 plus shipping.
  9. tomski

    SOLD Superjet OEM Fuel Tank

    Tank only, still being used. Sold plus fees and shipping.
  10. tomski

    2017 JetSurf Race 90cc Carburetor Model

    New Ignition Control Unit 4/20 New Starter 9/20 Charger Tool kit Stand Bindings can be setup regular or goofy. Two position front fins. Removable Hydro-Turf on lid. Approximately 50 hours. Only selling to upgrade. $8500 Pickup in Havasu (86406).
  11. tomski

    SOLD OEM Yamaha Black Chinpad Fits SuperJet 1996-2020 and FX-1

    Mint condition, a few small marks in the vinyl from storage. Take off from a newer ski, sold plus shipping.
  12. tomski

    Used OEM 08+Yamaha SuperJet Steering Cable

    Used take off from 2015 low use, $85 plus shipping.
  13. tomski

    Used Kawasaki Triple 1100 Head Kit

    KA1100HDKIT with KD1228 domes, used 5 hours. New retail $390, $300 plus shipping.
  14. tomski

    SOLD Coffman's SuperJet exhaust system

    $450 plus fees and shipping. Sold
  15. tomski


    Removed from a 2018 Superjet with 2.5 hours. Includes turnplate. Sold plus shipping. Stock Turnplate, $30 each plus shipping.
  16. tomski


    4 post mounting for Kawasaki or Yamaha applications. Sold plus shipping.
  17. tomski

    Superjet exhaust "power sleeve"

    Fits stock exhaust. Used sold New in stock $70 Plus shipping.
  18. tomski


    SOLD plus fees and shipping.
  19. tomski

    SOLD RRP Pole/Pole tubes

    Used Billet black pole. Includes new tubes in black OR silver. And new pole bushings for your application. Sold plus shipping. Used blue tubes 26" sold plus shipping. Used black 26", perfect two hours. Sold plus shipping.
  20. tomski

    USED SKAT-TRAK 155MM Long Blade Thin Blade 11/18

    Used cut back -3mm approximately 11/18 on gauge, 83mm hub. List on Impros site $500, $350 plus shipping and fees. Rookie hack job Skat-Trak 6/14 swirl 75mm hub. Needs work as is SOLD plus shipping. If it doesn't sell I will send it to Skat for repair. Nice used 155mm E-75 75mm hub 6/12...
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