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    Anyone still making quality front fill for x2

    How'd they turn out?
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    SXi Pro carving mods?Tubbie Destroyers vs. PW Sponsons?

    How did u find the hull extensions? Did they work for you jamescmei?
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    Slow to Fast (no mid-range)

    I recently found I was having this issue on my 98 sxi pro. Been out a few weekends no real issue, then this weekend started having trouble with it. I had not done any maintenance or anything prior to this issue. I find when the ski is flat it has power but once I get it on an angle to stand up...
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    Exhaust Pipe 750 SXI Pro

    Did you ever get around to doing this? I am in the same situation
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    Other Kawasaki Super Chicken Build!

    Here are the photos.
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    Other Kawasaki Super Chicken Build!

    Hi guys, first post here. From Toronto, Ontario where super chickens are rare. I am rebuilding a 91 super chicken that I picked up in Quebec. It looks like it has been a field chicken for a while. The current motor it has most likely doesn't work, or needs significant repair (original 650cc). I...
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