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    Hi long shot Does anybody know where i can get decals for the octane. I need one sticker and would like it to be genuine polaris. part number 7170576. A dealer with old stock maybe? Any help would be great. Thank you
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    Polaris Octane driveshaft

    Hello Does anyone have a nice undamaged driveshaft for a Polaris Octane they would like to sell and be willing to ship to the uk. Thanks
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    Octane driveshaft

    Hi Does anyone have a nice undamaged drive shaft for a polaris octane they would like to sell? And be willing to ship to the uk? Or is there an alternative shaft that i can use? Thanks
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    Octane hull

    Hi guys does Anybody have a pic of a stock octane bulkhead inside the hull please? should it have a plate fixed to the bulkhead where the driveline bolts to with the 4 holes in. cant find a pic of the inside of a stock octane hull anywhere. thank you
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    WTD Polaris parts

    Hi Looking for some polaris octane parts Cylinders Exhaust adaptor plate Domes. I live in the uk so must be able to ship. If you have anything please let me know Thanks
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    Octane cylinders

    Hi Does anybody know if the polaris octane cylinders are the same as the 1200 cylinders? They do run the same part number. Thanks
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    WTD polaris octane part

    Hi Looking for an exhaust spacer plate for a polaris octane. Part that fits between cylinders and exhaust manifold. If you have any please let me know. Thanks
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    WTD adaptor plate

    Hi Looking for an exhaust adaptor plate for a polaris octane. The part that sits between the cylinders and the exhaust manifold. If anybody has one please let me know. Cheers
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    WTD polaris pistons

    Hi Im looking for 2 oem polaris piston kits 84.25mm Pistons, rings,clips, and wrist pins. If anybody has any please let me know Thanks
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    WTD MSD parts

    Hi guys Long shot i know but i need a polaris msd total loss flywheel and trigger plate for a polaris octane. If you have anything please let me know. Thanks
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    WTD superjet parts

    Hi guys I am looking for a white petrol cap and filler neck, the part with 6 screws for a 1996 super jet in good condition I believe fx1 and sj650 are the same. I do live in the uk. If you have anything please let me know Thanks
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    Octane crankcases

    Hi Guys Does anybody know which crankcases are interchangeable with the Octane? Are the 700 crankcases the same as the 777? Thanks
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    Octane Randy at watcon

    Hi guys I know you guys deal with randy in the us. Im in the rainy old uk. Just wana say a big thank you to randy with helping Me with the parts i need for one of my octanes. Great advice and pleasure to deal with Thanks randy.
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    Octane Octane motor

    Hi guys does anybody know if the octane short block Is used in any other models. Same crank, casses and cylinders etc. Thanks paul
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    epic ignition

    Hi all. Just purchased the new ATP Epic ignition for one of my superjets. just to say how pleased i am with the product. I have many projects on the go so this is my first epic ignition. i have put this in a play about ski just simple ATP head factory b mod pipe, and EPIC ignition just to...
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