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  1. john zigler

    FISH's DVD re-release Excellent Race tour Video adventure, VINTAGE

    Now in stock and for sale here, Re-release of Fish's Excellent Adventure. DVD of the lifestyle 1991 race tour. Lots of vintage, girls, racing, freestyle, rapids, etc. $15 + ship You tube trailer;
  2. john zigler

    F.S. EME Carbon ROID, New Build $12,000

    **FOR SALE** New build, EME carbon mix, freestyle ski. Many new parts, (Too many to list here) New ROID hull, Yamaha 62t 701 with Girdled ADA head, 35cc domes, Factory pipe, RRP Pole, steering, bars, and pad, Hooker impeller, with TBM 75mm pump stuffer, Thrust trim, all new cables, turf, rebuilt...
  3. john zigler

    DRY PIPES for Yam SJ 701

    I have some Dry Pipes for Super Jet.... Prices, are Plus shipping. For payment I take Visa, and Master Card, and can take payment over the phone. Factory Pipe, type 8 dry pipe. Good condition, chamber has been pressure tested, and passed. Missing lord mount for the head. $750 RIVA SPec 2...
  4. john zigler

    New WORX WR225 Scoop for Kaw SXR $$SALE$$ Price

    ***SALE*** WORX SCOOP KAWASAKI SXR DUAL FOIL. INCREASE WATER FLOW AND REDUCE CAVATAION. EXCELLENT FOR ROUGH WATER CONDITIONS. Normal retail = $245 Sale $195 + ship. SAVE $50!!! I only have one at this price, 1st to order gets it. Click on the link to go to my site to see / order. Thank you...
  5. john zigler

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy new Year everyone. Be safe, and have a great 2020! Zig
  6. john zigler

    New Aqua Cart Beach Totes, Sand Tires, Shop Stands, Beach Stands, now @ Watcon

    Aqua Cart - Beach Totes, Beach Stands, Shop Stands, Parts and Accs, Tires, and more now available at Will be adding more product soon, please ask if you do not see what you want/need. High Quality stuff at very reasonable prices.
  7. john zigler

    Other AQUA CART Beach Totes, shop Stands, Tires, Parts & Accs, Beach Stands, @ Watcon

    Aqua Cart - Beach Totes, Beach Stands, Shop Stands, Parts and Accs, Tires, and more now available at Wil be adding more product soon, please ask if you do not see what you want/need. High Quality stuff at very reasonable prices.
  8. john zigler

    New ON SALE NOW - EME Roid Carbon mix freestyle Hulls

    **NEW** EME Roid Jet Ski Freestyle Hull. EME is "Eric Malone Enterprises" world champion freestyle competitor, and hull builder. I have three hulls in stock here to choose from, Yellow With black graphics, Black with white graphics, and White with Black graphics. These are all brand new...
  9. john zigler

    New Cold Fusion / Weber Billet throttles on sale

    Billet Cold Fusion / Weber throttles on sale. Normally $80, now $70 + ship. Both silver, and black. 6mm threads for Yamaha (No cable adapter needed) and 10mm threads for Kawasaki. John
  10. john zigler

    New F.S. New WORX INtake Scoop Polaris Octane

    Worx intake scoop Polaris Octane, increase water flow, and reduce cavatation. Also increases control, and turning capability, with little to no loss in top speed. New, original retail was $200, sale price $175 + ship
  11. john zigler

    New X-2 drive shafts in stock

    New X-2 shafts are now back in stock. (Those who have been waiting have been shipped out, thank you) $299 + ship
  12. john zigler

    Used Factory type 8 SJ Dry pipe

    For Sale, Factory pipe, type 8 dry pipe. 61x Manifold. Pipe has been pressure tested, and is good to go. It is missing the lord mount to the head. As shown in the pic, Pipe chamber, manifold, coupler, o-ring, clamps. $700 + ship John
  13. john zigler

    New NEW X-2 Driveshafts now in stock here

    New X-2 Driveshafts $299 + ship
  14. john zigler

    Used F.S. Fact Pipe Type 8 dry Pipe SJ

    For Sale, Type 8 SJ dry pipe. Pipe, Manifold, Coupler, and o-ring. Sorry I do not have lord mounts. Good condition, Presure tested = passed. $750 + ship For payment I take Visa, and Master Card. John
  15. john zigler

    Used F.S. 1994 Blaster Hull

  16. john zigler

    Used F.S. ADA Head Yam 701 31cc domes

    ADA Billet head Yamaha 701. 31cc domes $150 + ship Domes are perfect, just showing some discoloring in the pic. Head has some marks from an upper pipe mount. Also have new o-ring kits if needed. For payment I take Visa, and Master Card. John
  17. john zigler

    New Cold Fusion / Weber Power Billet throttles

    On sale $70 + ship. Billet Cold Fusion / Weber Power throttles. High quality, smooth, great feel. Adjustable lever stop to limit lever throw, and take up cable slop. Available in Silver, and Black. Both 10mm (standard) and 6mm (Yamaha only) threads.
  18. john zigler

    New SALE EME Roid hulls

    On Sale NOW!! EME "Roid" Hull by Eric Malone Enterprises. Comes as shown with hood, pole mount, Hood Strap, Hood gasket, scupper, Ride plate, and Pump shoe & Foot holds installed. This is a glass / carbon mix. Weight in the low 70's. I have - White, with black graphics, Black with white...
  19. john zigler

    Watcon Black Friday Sale.....

    We will once again be doing our annual Black Friday Sale here at RCJS/Watcon. Sale starts Friday, 11/23 and ends Tues 11/27 Here is a link to ALL my items on sale. (Everything will be listed Friday). Some items are limited qtys, and will be first come. As...
  20. john zigler

    Watcon Lake MI Surf Ride, 2018

    I am terribly Sorry, I have been very busy here, and have not posted about our event this year.... We are holding our 4th annual Watcon Lake MI Surf ride THIS weekend, at Pennoyer Park in Kenosha WI Right on the banks of Lake Michigan. Last year we had 5 foot waves all three days, surf report...
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