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  1. Snguy1214

    Dual 38 mikuni carbs

    What it says in the title, need for next engine build. Would like to have manifold for 62t cases and reeds too if possible, thanks!
  2. Snguy1214

    Dual 38s or possibly 44s

    Wanted set of dual 38 sbn mikunis, PayPal ready.
  3. Snguy1214

    Scissor water stand

    Looking for an aluminum folding scissor stand for my ski, let me know if anybody has an extra one laying around, thanks.
  4. Snguy1214

    Internal fuel fill kit superjet

    Looking for an internal fuel fill kit for my superjet. Blowsion, cold fusion, thrust, whatever you got, let me know. Thanks
  5. Snguy1214

    Slight low end cavitation problem

    95 SN superjet. Just installed factory bpipe with limited chamber, girdled head 35cc domes with 180 psi in each cylinder, and put a 9/15 hooker in a while back. When riding the stock 61x with the prop I couldn’t really tell much if any cavitation, but now with the bit of added power it seems to...
  6. Snguy1214

    Wanted Factory B pipe

    Need a b pipe for my 95 SN 61x. Someone please sell me your B pipe!! -Nick
  7. Snguy1214

    Stock intake box for single SBN 44

    Looking for stock intake for 61x 701 that currently has a brand new blowsion air forced flame arrestor on it. I’d be willing to trade for the blowsion or purchase stock intake. Thanks, Nick
  8. Snguy1214

    Ride plate question

    I have a 95 SN with 5 out of the 6 ride plate bolts working properly. Bought this hull last year and discovered one of the bolts is broken off in the brass insert. Would it be safe to 3200 that insert and ride with 5 of the bolts in the ride plate or should I drill it out and replace the insert...
  9. Snguy1214

    92 SN Hull $175 obo

    Sn Superjet hull for sale, comes with stock handlepole, blowsion bars, midshaft bearing. It has a small crack in the tray that I’ve begun the start of repairing. Easy repair, or good candidate for bobbed project or custom build. Have title and it’s got 2019 tags. Nick
  10. Snguy1214

    X-metal handle pole ?

    I have an X-metal pole on my 94 SN and just bought the carbon fiber chin pad for it. Did I purchase the right pad? It doesn’t seem so fit right on the post that sticks up. I bought this pole used so I don’t really know what has been done to it. Anyone else run these?? seems like that post is too...
  11. Snguy1214

    Factory b pipe 94 SN

    Want factory b pipe or something similar, low end wet pipe preferably.
  12. Snguy1214

    Best first mods to motor

    I have a 94 square nose with a handful of handling mods, x-metal shortened pole, fully reinforced hull with Kevlar carbon, new front handlepole bracket reinforced, tubbies, foot folds, carbon fiber old school blowsion hood, 9/15 hooker, 205 intake grate, 144 pump, RIVA pump shoe. I want more...
  13. Snguy1214

    Factory B pipe/girdled head

    Looking for a girdled head kit and a factory B pipe or something similar to the b pipe. Have a pretty much stock 61x 701 93 squarenose.
  14. Snguy1214

    91 SN SJ hull need gone!

    91 SJ Hull, currently registered and have title. Hull has crack in tray on the seam on one side, I rode it all last season with a 701 swap in it with the crack. Easy fiberglass repair, or project. I am moving and don’t have the space for it. Comes with midshaft bearing, handlepole, blowsion...
  15. Snguy1214

    92 SN superjet

    Hull comes with hood, stock pole, blowsion bars and odi grips. Blowsion steer plate. Steering cable included. Tray has small crack in it, easy fix, ride it with crack all last season. 300$ obo
  16. Snguy1214

    SN exhaust flange leaking?

    Took my new ski to the river to tune on the trailer, was too excited after running a ski last year with a cracked tray with 30 lbs of water in it running nose high all season I just had to jump on it and give it a test ride. First off everything ran great after a bit of tuning, new hooker 9/15...
  17. Snguy1214

    X-metal handlepole chinpad

    A guy I bought the pole setup from told me dudes run these with no chinpad....there’s a big metal rod sticking right out of the area that I can see going through anywhere from my forehead to my ****. Looking for the chinpad for the x-metal handlepole if anyone has an extra!
  18. Snguy1214

    Midshaft heating up?

    Just swapped a 701 from one hull to another. Replaced the midshaft housing, splines looked good on driveshaft. I shimmed the pump so the driveshaft was dead center of the thru hull hole. Pressed midshaft 19.5mm everything turned smooth by hand. If I run the ski on the trailer for 15 seconds the...
  19. Snguy1214

    701 runaway on first start up?

    Just swapped stock 701 that ran perfectly before I put it in another hull. I doubt I have any air leaks, marked all my fuel lines so I know those are good. Motor has been sitting on bench and I have a Home Depot 2” plug as the nose of my ski is covered and can only fill tank internally. I need...
  20. Snguy1214

    Aligning driveshaft?

    Just wanted your guys opinion on how my driveshaft alignment is looking (if you can even tell in the photos). I installed a worx aluminum pump shoe that fit nice and flat, and used 5200 to seal my gaps. Had to add quite a bit of shimmage to the rear of the pump, as I am swapping everything...
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