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  1. Whateverguy

    (used) RRP Standard Footholds

    selling slighty used (6months) RRP STD adjustable footholds (no brackets just footholds) $130 + $30 shipping = $160 usd total boxed up and ready to rock! ships from canada
  2. Whateverguy

    high comp 760 head

    AM or milled stock, anything available????
  3. Whateverguy

    Flame arrestors coming apart

    Is it normal for them to come apart? I have a set (riva racing) from a blaster2 I pulled off and they started to come apart. Pretty much the mesh is coming apart at the top. I then decided to pull my nice blowsion/tauceti"s off my conversion ski and they didnt last very long either. These ones...
  4. Whateverguy

    Lookin for AM 760 head

    Anything out there?
  5. Whateverguy

    155 pump seal

    Preferably new....need it asap
  6. Whateverguy

    waveblaster 2 stock stuff

    got some stock blaster2 (1996) stuff for sale....all freshwater, and good condition:) lookin to get rid of this stuff mae some offers stock waterbox hoses (both ends) - 45 shipped stock midshaft with coupler - 145 shipped stock engine coupler and dampener - 35 shipped stock driveshaft -...
  7. Whateverguy

    Riva groovy rideplate

    For sale.....$90 + shipping
  8. Whateverguy

    RIVA blaster 2 red pipe

    what are these thing going for these days? i got one ready to sell/trade. lookin to get my paws on a Bpipe.
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