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  1. brapperdoodle

    Toyota was the Future

    I need this for my 4Runner...
  2. brapperdoodle

    Trim System Information

    In order for me to get a bit more clarity on trim systems, I wanted to ask a few questions that I am having trouble with. 1. What type of cable is used with a basic trim system? Is it like a steering cable or more like a throttle cable? 2. Through the hull, what type of fitting is used to keep...
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    Vapor Honing

    I snapped a quick photo last night of the 550SX cases I threw in my buddies vapor cabinet. If you haven’t heard of these, it’s basically a pressure washer and media blaster combined. It removes no material but super polishes the surface. I’ve been running this on all sorts of engines for years...
  4. brapperdoodle

    Yamaha FX-1 Ride Plate Mounting Hardware

    Im looking for the blocks that the ride plate bolts to on the FX-1... I can't even seem to find a part# for them. What are they called and where might I find some?
  5. brapperdoodle

    550SX Exhaust System

    Looking for a 550SX aftermarket exhaust pipe, anything but stock... What is out there??
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    Wow. I reached out to Pro Rider magazine and much to my surprise they agreed to feature my build in the current issue. Take a look below! Big special thanks to Michael and especially Cathy Ratti :cool: And just so i'm not lying in the thread title..... ;) I wish there was some way...
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    Brapp's 1987 Toyota 4Runner Build

    Just to share an interesting project I decided to post this thread. I am a huge fan of anything from Japan, especially machines. That being said I have always loved the original Toyota trucks and have had and still have several. My latest build is a 1987 Toyota 4Runner. For those of you who are...
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    WTB Yamaha FX-1 Hood

    Looking for a hood in any condition for the Yamaha FX-1... Let me know!
  9. brapperdoodle

    Back From the Dead - Yamaha FX-2 Surfjet

    After a lengthy search for another Yamaha hull, I finally found the perfect candidate. Thanks to @VXSXH20 for telling me about this hull posted on Facebook. I don't know the story behind this ski but if anyone does, i'd love to hear the details! I planned out and made a quick surf trip and...
  10. brapperdoodle

    Interview with Larry Rippenkroeger Vintage Jet Ski

    This isn't a picture or video but I thought this was the most appropriate category for "media" My brother sent me this the other day and it had me hanging on every word. Larry even talks about how he helped develop the original Superjet completely in secret, flying to Japan monthly to test...
  11. brapperdoodle

    Southern Fried Freeride Pics. Sept. 2020

    Where did all those pictures go? Especially the large group photo?? I have a few of my crew haha
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    440/550 Engine Service

    Im in the process of rebuilding a 1990 Kawasaki JS440 and I was wondering who is the "go-to" for 440/550 cylinders? I have experience on my 701 with Harry Klemm at GroupK and the results were fantastic. Any other 440/550 guru's out there? I have other 550's/750's I will be working on in the...
  13. brapperdoodle

    Tiger Craft Hulls

    Ive been doing some general research into aftermarket hulls. Not completely decided on anything yet but I do see this as the natural progression and I would like to invest in something after a while. I haven't gotten to ride many aftermarket hulls but I am sure that I want a fiberglass hull and...
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    Superjet Hood Drains

    I’m not sure if this works for a RN but I found that on my 1995 Yamaha Superjet my vent hoses on the inside of my hood no longer fit when running a Factory B-Pipe and a girdled style cylinder head. I could get the starboard side hose to clear almost but I still didn’t like it. The port side hose...
  15. brapperdoodle

    Silicone Exhaust Hoses Turning Black

    Is this normal? Seems like my silicone hoses are turning black at the water box exit and discoloring back to the firewall...
  16. brapperdoodle

    WTB 1994-1995 Yamaha Hull

    Looking for a square nose Or FX1 hull. Im looking to build a second ski, Im not afraid of fiberglass work or any cosmetic damages. MUST HAVE TITLE OR SOME WAY TO REGISTER SKI. Thanks! :cool: I'm located in the Asheville, NC area and would be willing to travel for a screaming deal.
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    Best Jet-Ski Shoes

    Ive been meaning to share these with you all, amazing water shoes. Astral is a local Asheville company that makes shoes for outdoor activities and kayaking. I found the "Hiyak" boot one day and haven't looked back. These shoes are so comfy and very grippy. They even have drains! Check them out...
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    New Engine, Running Issues

    So i've been able to get some hours on my ski and have it tuned in pretty well! I'm really loving the new pump the most, Its really night and day hook up from my old stock (and probably worn out) pump. One thing i'm having trouble with is after I fall off the ski doing whatever, It bogs a bit...
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    New Exhaust Tube

    I have a few extra parts I’m not going to use, they are all new and haven’t seen any water. 1 - Jetmaniac long exhaust hose, Green, doesn’t quite reach in a stock Superjet hull, I think this is for shorter aftermarket skis but you can use a coupler and extension hose to make it fit. I can give...
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