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    anyone making custom rideplates?

    Close... Seymour Butts.
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    Help Choosing Paint and Graphics Colors

    Modern will look old in a year, embrace the vintage superjet, LOL
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    RN Superjet pole. What's it worth?

    So you're saying you shouldn't have traded me the one off your 96'? :cool:
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    Super Jet WTB hull

    Might want to post in the WTB section.
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    RN Superjet pole. What's it worth?

    Missed the A/M steering.
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    RN Superjet pole. What's it worth?

    $450? They are in the marketplace for about $250 quite often. There is one there now for $225.
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    Other Jet Ski Gloves

    Remember the good old days when JetPilot used to have a lifetime warranty?
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    RN superjet handle pole

    Bump, it's still for sale or bump you are still waiting on a shipping box?
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    Other Jet Ski Gloves

    I guess I don't ride hard enough to ruin the JetPilot gloves, :) Actually now that I think about it maybe they are Slippery gloves, damn, can't remember poop anymore. I'll have to check when I get home....
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    Suggestions for a decent mtb?

    I have always had Specialized bikes for me an my family and couldn't be happier with every aspect of them. I am not up on the newest models but love my full suspension Stumpjumper. As far as the 29" vs. 27.5, I could never get used to the feel of the 29, just felt too big and goofy since I have...
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    Other Jet Ski Gloves

    Been using the Jet Pilots for a couple summers but not riding as much as I should. They have been great so far.
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    Super Jet Front foothold install help

    Haven't tried the blue but never ever buy the green can, total crap.
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    Custom/Hybrid Finally decided to open up the 97’

    I'm partial to the 18' graphics ;)
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    MSD Enhancer

    Kept the stock one and removed the rev limiter myself using the instructions here on the X.
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    What's your view look like today?

    I got the Milwaukee jacket from my family for Christmas because I’m always cold. But it’s still in the 70’s here in California so I haven’t tried it yet.
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    How to buff sun faded black gel coat and good hull cleaner suggestions?

    Best way is to buff with the correct products. If you use the lowest grit polish you can go over the graphics and not damage them. I suggest the Meguyar’s marine line of polishes as they have more oils and lubricants specifically for fiberglass gelcoat unlike the automotive lines.
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    MSD Enhancer

    I did a lot of research when I was going to get one. 50% said they aren’t reliable, 50% said they didn’t make enough difference to justify their price. Everyone else says save up a little more and get a Zeel.
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    the trivial complaints thread

    It really pisses me off that we have become such a throw-away-society. On the other hand one mans trash is another’s free ski.
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    I use it all the time and as said, so much easier to upload photos.
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    anyone making custom rideplates?

    These are the winged ones I remember from back in the day.
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