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    Using a backflush kit on a 701 with stock head?

    Hey guys, recently installed my new b-pipe and when doing so I got rid of my flush kit that was previously hooked up. I have a stock head, but ordered the 3 way pisser backflush kit off blowsion because I figured that would be easier. My question is, currently I only have 1 pisser since I'm...
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    Fitting square bose with RN waterbox and factory mod chamber?

    So I bought a factory mod setup about a month ago. Haven't really had time until recently to install. Last night I removed the battery, tank, etc; and installed a factory RN waterbox. First off, It seems only one strap will line up for the waterbox. Is this normal? The WB seems secure, the way...
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    Factory pipes site is down, questions on jets for 61x

    Hey guys, I hate to post this but I've been searching all over the net and cant find it since factory pipes site has been down for the past few weeks. I bought my b-pipe and in the instructions it gives me some jetting reccomendations....but I'm not sure if they're referring to a single stock...
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    XMETAL superjet turnplate with fat bar mounts

    Picked up some parts locally yesterday. One piece I bought was this xmetal turn plate for a superjet. I have no need for it since I just purchased a cold fusion from jetmaniac a month ago, but it was worked into the package. Dont know much about it, I haven't opened it up and inspected o-rings...
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    Will a blowsion “tnt” water box fit in a sn?

    Hey guys, ran across what I was told was a tnt 701 water box. I was trying to do some research and came to blowsions website where it states it is discontinued....but it was meant for 96+ super jets. I’m curious if this will fit a 701 an and if the only reason that blowion says that is because...
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    Found B-pipe for sn superjet asap

    Wanting to buy a b pipe for a superjet. Prefer mod but will also consider a limited. I passed up an epic deal a few weeks ago and dont want to let one slip through my fingers again. Edit, ended up just purchasing a new one. I thought about it and just didnt want to deal with the headaches of...
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    Help identifying what plates and intake grate these are?

    So the guy I purchased my SN from recently ended up having a set of ride plates and intake grate hes willing to sell me for cheap. I just want to be sure what they are. He says the intake is a worx/rapid toploader, but it doesnt quite look the same as what I see online. But than again most of...
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    Dumb question about hd spring install on a rapid industries/worx SN pole?

    I did a search and everything I could find is for the rrp poles. Since my word AL pole has a metal bracket welded inside where the spring goes I'd have to cut off about 3 inches and just leave it straight, although I would still place the rubber protector back on it. I know the rrp poles...
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    WTB B pipe for 61x combo, also have downhill trek FT for other AM parts

    Looking to buy a factory b pipe for my 94 61x combo SN. Located in annapolis maryland. Anyone looking to sell or ship please feel free to PM me or text 4109193023 Also if anyone's interested I have a trek session 8 downhill mtb I'd be willing to trade for some SN parts.
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    Just got a SN, has anyone heard of a "rapid AL" pole?

    Hey everyone, so I got the itch again and decided to purchase a standup again. I've owned 2 RN, one 97 and one 00. This is my first SN but I couldnt pass it up. 94 with 61x combo I was told the AL handle pole was made by "rapid industries" but cant find much, actually any info on them ever...
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    WTT 2016 yz250f 60th anniversary condition, clean title

    Hey guys, I know this is my first post, but I use to be here about 10 years ago. I just cant remeber my username. I figured I'd try here since I haven't had much luck on craigslist and theres not many skis availible in my area, and I'm looking to rejoin the community. I'm looking to trade for a...
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