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  1. schicks

    once thought my ski was waterlogged until i pulled the mid-shaft to my surprise ........

    O rings are replaceable in midshaft, there are 2. Use a pick tool to replace them. You can get water sand out of driveshaft tube after riding by raising nose of ski and shoot water into the tube from pump cavity. Normal for water to be in the hull driveshaft tube, im guessing your midshaft...
  2. schicks

    Random Jetski PIcs

    That you on blue/white sj in the barrel?? I got that pic saved on my phone, so bad a$$!
  3. schicks

    Post pics of your ski......

    Nice chin pad! Is that mike's old ski?
  4. schicks

    the trivial complaints thread

    Love those graphics! So much potential there. Rear exhaust to boot! Big time score!!
  5. schicks

    "So, you're telling me..."

    Is that a 550 upside down?!?! Ahhh hell noo
  6. schicks

    What's your view look like today?

    Christmas 2020 in the garage, because its safer.
  7. schicks

    Freestyle Blunder Jet

    Dear Santa, All i want for Christmas is...
  8. schicks

    RRP pole carbon chin pads

    yup, textreme & 1 2x2 twill still available.
  9. schicks

    Yamaha 5mm stroker crank and matched 62t cases, girdled head

    Very cool, square cut domes on top, wont spin oring tightening plugs.
  10. schicks

    RRP pole carbon chin pads

    Got 3 chin pads right now. Mounting hardware included. $155 each, shipped (lower 48 only). Made using infusion process, with gel coat. #1 textreme pattern. SOLD .Has a couple very tiny pin head size air bubbles, they wouldnt show in pics. #2 2x2 twill pattern SOLD #3 2x2 twill...
  11. schicks

    SOLD New blowsion rickter sponsons

    Still for sale...
  12. schicks

    Oldies but goodies.

  13. schicks

    SOLD New blowsion rickter sponsons

    Fits fs2 evo, fr2, and edge models. They matched contour well on my brothers fs2 evo well. Just decided to not put them on for now..
  14. schicks

    SOLD New blowsion rickter sponsons

    $350 plus ship/pp
  15. schicks

    ID this stator

    61x flywheels have seperated magnents, 62t flywheels are a 1 piece solid magnent around the flywheel.
  16. schicks

    xmetal waterbox

    May go that route, i like how xmetal's exits, easier hose routing with the wr3 hose... no coupler union
  17. schicks

    xmetal waterbox

    looking for an xmetal waterbox.
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