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  1. mxmark4

    Suggestions for a decent mtb?

    Looking to add a real mtb to the fold here. Dropper post and fork lockout would be nice, not particularly loyal to any certain brand but tend to shy away from trek because of the infighting with greg lemond. Any suggestions? Not sure if I would want 29er or 27.5 and what I gain/lose from each...
  2. mxmark4

    Anybody riding gravel?

    Just ordered a new gravel bike! Giant revolt 2. Couldnt afford the advanced version in carbon so I had to slum it with the aluminum frame. First brand new bike since I was 10! First nice bike since @McDog got my cervelo. really excited for this bike to show up but its like 3 weeks out...
  3. mxmark4

    Lost my buddy today

    Got a call from my neigbor that the meter reader guy found my dog lying on the side of the road. Ran to her house and took her to vet immediately. Vet tells me she has been attacked by an animal (most likely a coyote around here) i had to pace the parking lot caus they wont allow anybody...
  4. mxmark4

    first time snowboarding... suggestions?

    So tomorrow is my first time hitting the slopes on a snowboard. I have skied once before, like 17 or 18 years ago. I can wake board and skate good so im hoping That I an rely on my experience with doing those to help me out some. So does anybody have any tips before I head out tomorrow? Thanks
  5. mxmark4

    Super Jet what makes a wetjet intake so great?

    I have a 61x wet jet motor and hvae been told to run this intake and carb on my motor and it would rip,but why is it better than my stock intake?
  6. mxmark4

    Other hurt my back while riding

    Went out for a ride tonight and had a bit of a sore back when I started out. After riding and jumping a couple of good boat wakes I started hurting. So I stopped and ate a sandwich, went ojt again and was hurtin so I was just cruisin around hit one more wake and did a 180 and thought I had judt...
  7. mxmark4

    Blaster just got a B2 now what?

    Just got a 96 b2 and a 760 in unknown condition. I have an extra 701 sitting here also that needs a top end so I guess my question is which engine would you put in it ? Can I put a top end in my 61x and run the 760 exhaust on it or am I stuck usingthe 760?
  8. mxmark4

    who's ski was just on supercross?

    Title says it all good lookin ski
  9. mxmark4

    Dmac80sc great seller!

    Not only did he ship out my ada head i bought super quick and well packaged but a week later he drove over two hours to meet up for an engine i bought from him to save me shipping. great seller buy from him with confidence!
  10. mxmark4

    Freestyle optima racing madness

    Was eatin a biscuit at bojangles with the woman yesterday and looked out the window to see this big bad semi rollin by with an Optima racing trailer,I always thought they were just like a mom and pop type shop but they apparently be rollin deep. Cool to see ski stuff like that out here in East TN
  11. mxmark4

    Freestyle filxing a big crack

    I broke my handlepole mount and hull where pole bolts to the other day and now need to repair it. ITs a pretty big crack would it be best to fill it first with epoxy and cabosil and then start laying biax cloth or just go with resin and cloth? I figured the cabosil would fill the entire crack...
  12. mxmark4

    Why you dont backflip a square

    It was really nice out today, had just watched my buddy land his first two backies ever and i guess I was just feeling it. i have never pulled a backflip dont have enough power or skill for that matter but i was feelin it you know? I had the perfect wake and everything so i went for it,came out...
  13. mxmark4

    Cervelo tt bike for sale

    I have a nice cervelo P2 for sale, ultegra derailleurs and bar end shifters,dura ace wheels FSA compact crank,profile design bars,seat post,and stem.Bike is a 54 cm frame,selling due a baby on the way and need to get a baby friendly car.asking 1000 dollars,will help ship if needed.Thanks pics...
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