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    Super Jet Need some help Backfire.

    Ok guys, finally got my superjet back together and fired up. 62T/61X. So full rebuild, JM crankshaft, new 0.25 over pro-x pistons, Yamanube porting with stock head, carbs, jetting and exhaust and CDI. Carbs were rebuilt using all new Genuine Mikuni parts and pop off and leak down were good...
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    @twisterad3 was fast to respond and ship. The part I bought ws shipped fast and exactly what he had promised. Great seller.
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    IJS Impellers

    Anyone try the IJS Pro Impellers? I remember Inland Jet Sports from back in the 90's and now they sell impellers and through Any thoughts or their PRO impellers? Product Details Model: PRO Country/Region of Manufacture: USA PRO Performance impeller with better take off and top...
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    GP1200 Donor?

    So I just picked up a 1997 GP1200 for free and it ate the front piston. Has a Pro-tec steering nozzle, intake grate and pod air filters but otherwise stock. I have a RN and SN superjet and was wondering if there’s anything worthwhile keeping from the GP? Thanks.
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    You're the Jerk.

    So you spend all weekend painting your superjet. Then your wife decides “we” are going to paint your sons room and the bathroom. “We” means that you do 85% of the work for those that don’t have significant others, BTW. And she doesn’t even clean the paint brush. And you're the... jerk. LOL!!!
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    crazycalito330 Great Seller!

    Bought a ride plate from @ crazycalito330 Very quick to respond and the rideplate was exactly as he said. He even shipped it the same day and I had it in my hand within 2 days. Would buy from him again. Thanks Caleb.
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    Want to Buy 1991-2007 Jet Dynamics Ride Plate

    Looking for a used Jet Dynamics standard length ride plate for the 2007 and older superjet. I don’t want Tw really long version. Thanks.
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    61X Stock Pop-off Spring

    Finishing up my 701 rebuild for my 650 SN swap. I just wanted to confirm on a stock 61X/61X the arm spring should be a 115 gram? Been searching here and get answers of both 115 and 95. It appears that the Yamaha number should be a 115 but they don't really say. Thanks.
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    Tapatalk Pictures

    Anyone know what’s up with tapatalk? For the last week every picture link is broken. I even tried reloading X-H20.
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    Super Jet Bendix Help Please

    I need a little help on this bendix since the parts diagram is different than mine. What order do these go in from bottom to top. Thanks.
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    SOLD Pro-X 701 82.00mm Pistons SOLD

    Two brand new in box Pro-X, 701, 82.00mm pistons. These a 1.00mm over stock bore. Never used only unboxed for pictures. $145 shipped to lower 48, friends and family PayPal.
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    701 Crank Coupler o-ring

    So is there an o-ring that goes on the rear of the crank at the coupler? I don't ever remember seeing one on both of my 701's but the parts diagram shows a sleeve and sealing ring like what you would find on a Kawasaki. Thanks.
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    1980’s Superjet?

    So this escalated quickly. I have my Project Boat Anchor going but I wanted to start looking for a cheap ski for my second cousin. She turns 16 in August which is when you can operate a ski in California. She already rides dirt bikes and what better way to spend time than dirt bikes and skis...
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    Intake Grate Help.

    So I need some help. I have 3 grates and 2 skis and need help with what one for what ski. Left to right. R&D, R&D, Jet Dynamics. Skis are Stock 91’ SN 650. 01’ RN w/ ADA head and B Pipe
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    San Diego/Encinitas Help

    Hello all, I am going camping in Encinitas at the San Elijo State Beach campground with some family this summer and would like to bring the skis. Does anyone in this area know if we can beach launch from the campground or someplace close? I have a 4 wheel beach dolly if there is. Thanks.
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    Project Boat Anchor, Superjet

    Well, this started in the fiberglass section but I guess it should have its own build thread. I have wanted a superjet since I test rode a brand new demo 1996 RN in 1997 but bought a new SXI Pro instead. Coming from a 650 SX the inside turning of the SXI just felt natural. After life, college...
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    RN Tray Help!

    So just got a RN hull from an inmate here. First off super nice guy and was very honest so I’m not bashing him at all. That being said the tray is a mess and delaminating. Looks like cheap resin was used and pretty poorly applied. They didn’t stop at the stock gel coat line at the rear and I...
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    Bare Hull Help

    So, I am having a hard time finding a RN in my budget and saw a local ad for a 2000 Hull with aluminum pole, complete hull with ride plate and intake grate. To the pros, what would you expect this would cost to make a running stock ski with good used parts and probably freshen up and engine that...
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    Super Jet New to forum, old to skis.

    Hello all been lurking but finally joined. Been wrenching on skis since the early 90’s got out of it for about 12 years then got sucked back in about 4 years ago by accident. Cut my teeth on an 89’ 650 SX at Pismo, Avila, Lopez and Nacimento in the 90’s then sold it to buy a brand new 1998 SXI...
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